How to speed up hair growth ?

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How to speed up hair growth ?

You get worried whenever you experience hair fall, loss, or thinning and start googling ways to combat it. And how can you forget the time when your younger sibling or friends were going through the same hair problems and you tried to be their savior by advising them to indulge more protein and fiber in their daily diet, to use products that are rich in caffeine & not sulfate, Paraben in any hair care product, or to burst an egg on the tresses for nourishment and what not.But you should have an appropriate answers to some really important question like What is the most effective way to solve the hair fall problem? What is the hair growth rate per day? What is the cycle of hair growth? Does the hair growth cycle play any significant role in increasing hair growth? 

Do you know the rate at which hair grows?

When a child is born, they have all the hair follicles. Studies say that a person's head has about 1,00,000 hair follicles. As you grow older, some of the follicles stop forming new hair, and this is when you see hair fall, the hair getting thinner,  hair strands breaking from anywhere in the middle or in the worst cases, you may also see baldness. Your hair goes through different stages of the hair cycle; every hair strand has about 2 to 6 years of growing age. 

There are factors on which your hair growth is dependent:

  • Age 
  • Hair loss and thinning hair become more likely for both genders as they grow older. Hair growth typically slows down as you age. 

  • Climate 
  • The sun's UVA and UVB rays can be harmful to the scalp and hair, so it's wise to cover your head with a hat and use sunscreen, no matter the season. 

  • Nutrient Intake 
  • Your hair needs sufficient amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals such as iron, zinc, iodine, and silica in order to remain healthy. 

  • Diet 
  • Failing to eat a balanced diet can halt hair growth. To encourage faster growth, consume plenty of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals daily. 

  • Genetics 
  • To promote hair growth on headgenetics can significantly influence the amount of hair you have, what texture it is, what color it is, how it grows and if it falls out or not. A person with a genetic predisposition to hair loss may experience miniaturization of the hair follicles due to DHT or dihydrotestosterone. This causes the hair to become thinner and lose its volume. The hair follicle may eventually stop producing hair ultimately. 

  • Lifestyle 
  • Poor lifestyle habits can be damaging to hair growth. Smoking is a popular bad habit that can lead to baldness and accelerated hair aging. 

  • Health Issues
  • Several medical conditions can result in scalp dryness and alopecia. 

  • Stress 
  • Stress can have a significant impact on overall hair health. When under pressure or feeling overwhelmed, your hair follicles move to the rest phase in the hair growth cycle. 

  • Medications 
  • Certain medications may interfere with hair growth, damaging the follicles and sending them into the resting phase of the hair growth cycle. 

    What are the different stages of the hair growth cycle?

    When you want to speed up the growth of your hair or want to have complete knowledge of how your hair grows or falls, you need to understand hair growth cycle that involves four  hair growth phases :

    anagain for hair, anagain for hair growth, High procapil for hair

    Not all of your hair goes through these stages at the same time. On an average, the scalp has 90% of its hair follicles in the anagen phase, about 1% in the catagen phase and 9% in the telogen phase. And, in the exogen phase, approximately 100-150 strands of hair fall out everyday. 

    What are the best food items to promote hair growth on head?

    From innumerable factors affecting hair growth, good nutrition can tackle poor scalp and hair health to increase your hair growth and make them strong, thick and shiny on your scalp. 

  • Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Green leafy veggies contain vitamins A, C, carotene, folate, and potassium. They also contain keratin, helping to strengthen the strands of your hair. Iron is an important mineral that carries oxygen and other essential elements in the body. When there is a lack of iron, hair follicles can’t get enough nutrients, resulting in stunted growth and brittle strands. Increasing the intake of iron can help improve hair health tremendously. Iron also aids in the production of sebum, which keeps the scalp healthy and hydrated.

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds, have many advantages for hair health. They boast plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids, which keep hair hydrated and strong, giving it volume. Eating nuts and seeds also equips the body with zinc; this aids in cell production and boosts immunity. Other beneficial components found in nuts and seeds are phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, and selenium. All of these minerals make nuts and seeds an ideal food choice for promoting hair growth and thickness.

  • Carrots
  • Eating carrots can help with hair growth, as it is a valuable source of vitamin A; vital for the construction of body cells, including those in the head. Vitamin A also increases sebum production in the scalp, keeping hair hydrated and healthy. Additionally, carrots help to increase blood flow to the top of the head, which can protect against early graying.

  • Soybeans 
  • Soybeans are a dietary powerhouse, full of magnesium, iron, and vitamin B2. Additionally they help block the formation of dihydrotestosterone, which can damage hair follicles. Omega-3 fatty acids, manganese, and vitamins make soybeans an ideal source of nutrition to make hair healthy, glossy, and strong. So incorporating soybeans and their derivatives can help foster hair growth and thickness.

  • Berries
  • Berries contain a wealth of beneficial nutrients and vitamins that may aid in hair growth. Vitamin C, in particular, is high in antioxidants. These can shield the hair follicles from damage due to the presence of free radicals. Furthermore, the body utilizes vitamin C to form collagen, a protein that fortifies hair strands to prevent them from becoming fragile and snapping.

    What are the best ingredients in hair care products that promote hair growth?

    Here are the ingredients for hair growth that you should look for in your daily hair care products:

  • Castor Oil
  • Castor oil, also called Ricinus oil, is a non-volatile fatty oil made from the seeds of castor beans. This particular oil has properties that promote hair growth and combat alopecia. It strengthens the strands and provides essential nutrition to the scalp and hair, which helps repair hair thinning, reduce hair loss, and control split ends. The molecules in castor oil are large and penetrate the scalp to deliver intense moisture to the hair. It contains vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids, and omega-9 fatty acids, providing deep nourishment to the hair from root to tip.

    Benefits of castor oil for hair growth: 
    • Strengthening strands 
    • Promoting hair growth 
    • Nourishing dry scalp 
    • High in proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants 
    • Preventing bacterial overgrowth on the scalp 
    • Alleviating scalp flaking 
    • Reducing hair breakage 
    • Improving the absorption of other products
  • Redensyl
  • Redensyl is an acclaimed hair serum ingredient for combating hair thinning, loss, and baldness. It consists of a recently discovered compound known as dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG). The plant extracts contained in DHQG target the stem cells in hair follicles, promoting hair growth at the cellular level. Redensyl is a naturally-sourced, non-hormonal ingredient and carries anti-inflammatory qualities in addition to providing hair proteins with amino acids. 

    Benefits of redensyl for hair growth: 

    • Reactivation of hair cell division 
    • Stimulation of the early stages of hair development 
    • Facilitation of faster growth 
    • Reduction in hair loss Generation of thicker hair 
    • Improvement in scalp care 
    • Enhanced delivery of nutrients to the scalp and follicles 
    • Increase in blood flow to the scalp 
    • Prevention of hair thinning and density
  • Coconut oil 
  • Coconut oil is a beloved oil for many purposes, with its long history and versatile capabilities. It is both a moisturizer and a sealant, making it the ideal choice for treating dry and damaged hair. The small molecules in this oil form a conditioning agent to improve the natural health of hair follicles. This magical ingredient will help keep hair healthy, reduce split ends and hair breakage, as well as add luster and shine to the hair. Coconut oil is beneficial because of the fatty acids it contains, including saturated, mono-saturated, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. 

    Benefits of coconut oil for hair growth: 

    • Nourishes the scalp
    • Encourages hair growth
    • Improves blood flow to the scalp
    • Reduces excessive hair loss
    • Diminishes dandruff-causing fungi
    • Manages sebum production
    • Prevents split ends and breakage of hair
    • Adds shine and gloss to the hair shafts
    • Reduces any inflammation on the scalp area 

    Benefits of wheat protein for hair growth:

    • Wheat Protein

    Wheat protein is an effective hydrator that fortifies your hair. It gives hair a moist feeling, prevents breakage, reinforces the hair shaft, and adds shine. It's a type of non-animal protein derived from wheat germ. When applied to hair, it penetrates the hair cuticle to offer hydration and strength, which helps to heal damaged tresses. It has many disulfide bonds that link the broken hair bonds on the scalp surface, leading to healthier locks. 

    • Deals with damages caused by UV rays, bleaches, heat styling tools and hair dyes 
    • Makes its way through the cuticles to hydrate strands 
    • Deeply conditions hair 
    • Minimizes chances of breakage 
    • Helps to mend weakened or broken bonds in the hair 
    • Gives thicker texture and glossier look
  • Anagain
  • Anagain, found in organic pea sprouts, can reduce hair loss by activating dermal papilla cells to kickstart regrowth. It is one of the many ingredients in hair serum that aids in growing hair from the roots, extends the life span of hair and revitalizes it. 

    Benefits of anagain for hair growth:

    • Reviving its vigor 
    • Controlling hair fall
    • Regenerating hair
    • Adding more density to hair
    • Stimulating growth at the roots
    • Elongating the life cycle of the locks
  • Procapil 
  • Procapil is an incredibly helpful ingredient for hair. It helps to counteract the effects of aging on the hair follicles, thus preventing hair loss. It specifically targets the primary causes of alopecia, including poor scalp circulation, follicle aging, and atrophy caused by dihydrotestosterone. 

    Benefits of procapil for hair growth:

    • Helps to combat hair thinning, a common sign of male and female pattern baldness
    • Slows down the process of balding
    • Provides nutrients to weakened locks of hair 

    Benefits of soy protein for hair growth:

  • Soy protein 

  • Soy protein is an excellent alternative to animal proteins, as it is completely derived from plants. Hydrolyzed soy protein is one of the most effective components in a hair serum, as it can reduce dryness, improve elasticity, and revitalize the look of your hair. Soy protein acts like a hair-enhancing agent, providing essential nutrients such as healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

    • Deeply hydrates 
    • Strengthens and repairs damaged follicles 
    • Makes hair smooth and glossy 
    • Improves the overall strength of each strand

    What are some tips to get thicker, shinier, healthier and voluminous hair growth?  

    • Massaging the scalp and hair with oils containing hair growth ingredients will not only speed up healthy hair growth but also improve circulation, relax you, and reinforce the hair follicles. 
    • It is advised to get regular trims in order to avoid split ends, thinning, and breakage. These three issues are signs of the telogen stage of hair growth and should be prevented through regular trims every two months.
    • Make sure you are getting the right amount of protein in your diet as your hair follicles contain a unique fibrous protein called keratin that needs amino acids from protein-rich foods for healthy growth. This will give your hair more volume and make it grow faster. 
    • High-heat treatments should be avoided as they can make your hair brittle and dry, leading to breakage since they strip the beneficial keratin from the strands.
    • Fad diets are not recommended as they are lacking essential nutrients and minerals which will cause a decrease in hair growth (telogen phase), resulting in major hair fall. 
    • Get thicker hair by massaging your scalp and strands with beneficial oils such as argan, olive, coconut, sesame seed, rosemary, or peppermint oil. 
    • Conditioners should be used more often than shampoo since shampoos take away natural scalp oils each time you wash your hair. 
    • Excessive shampooing can lead to dryness and fragility so make sure to condition after each rinse to help mend damage and reinforce your tresses. 
    • Gently brush through knots to avoid breakage or split ends. Use a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush with round bristles to minimize damage.

    What does Nourish Mantra offer to speed up hair growth?

    Cosmic Sutra Hair Oil

    cosmic sutra hair oil

    Our oil is a miraculous concoction packed in a bottle that gives you a comprehensive solution to defeat hair concerns. The drops of this time-tested goodness is enriched with the indulgence that nature has to offer. It is a calming therapy for your stressed tresses that works exceptionally well for your overall hair health and conditioning. The great blend of olive oil, sesame seed oil, coconut oil, moringa oil, argan oil, gotu kola oil, bhringraj oil, ashwagandha oil and moringa oil knocks out scalp & hair dryness, reduces hair fall and gives you thick and voluminous hair.

    Advanced Hair Growth Serum

    nourish mantra Advance hair growth serum

    A leading hair growth serum formulated with encouraging hair growth ingredients redensyl, anagain, procapil and rice water. It rebalances the hair life cycle, reducing hair loss and fighting premature hair loss and promoting faster hair regrowth. This hair growth mantra is a science-backed creation that should be indulged in your daily hair care routine to improve scalp health, leading to healthy and sustained hair growth. This hair serum benefits by maximizing each hair strand in the anagen phase, awakening the dormant hair stem cells that will help to generate a new growth phase. It also rebalances the hair life cycle, reducing hair loss and fighting premature hair loss and rice water strengthens the hair shaft & thickens the hair.


  • What are the vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth?
  • Omega-3 and DHA, zinc, biotin (vitamin B7), vitamin C, vitamin D and iron.

  • Does your hair growth get affected during and after pregnancy? 
  • Hair growth is a complex process that can be affected by several factors, including the hormones estrogen and testosterone. The more estrogen you have in your body, the more strands of hair are produced in your hair follicles. So if you are pregnant or have just given birth and started to lose your baby weight, your hair may grow faster than normal.

  • Is there any specific season in which hair speeds up growth?
  • There is less research on seasonal hair growth. An old study in 1991 states that for 14 white men in the UK, hair growth peaked in March and noticed less growth in September. However, more extensive and diverse studies are needed to support this. 

  • Is there any hairstyle that can help in increasing hair growth?
  • Some hairstyles can be good for your hair, while others can damage it. While there is no one hairstyle that helps grow healthy hair, natural styles that don't need a lot of maintenance may prevent damage to your follicles. But you should avoid pulling your hair tightly with elastics, clips, hair bands, or any other accessories that put stress on your roots. Otherwise, it may lead to hair loss.