All You Need To Know About The Best Body Care Products

Are you someone who takes care of your face diligently? Well, good for you! We apply a bunch of products on our face including serums, oils, moisturizers, and whatnot! But what about the skin of your body? Are you taking good care of that too? 

At Nourish Mantra, we are trying to redefine the concept of beauty by bringing to you the purest essence of nature in the form of sustainable products. We will take care of your skin, in the most holistic way possible. 

Head to our body care section to find the best natural body care products that will leave your body feeling loved and pampered. Let's now try to understand all about these products, so you can buy the best body care product for yourself. 

Why Do You Need Body Care Products? 

We tend to direct a lot of our attention towards our facial skin (which is good of course!), but our body gets passed over! The skin of our body, just like our face also goes through the same pressures of pollution, UV damage, or hormonal changes. 

Our body also needs to be taken care of just like our face. In the past, Cleopatra and other queens used to take milk baths to moisturize their bodies. While it's not possible to do that in the present, you can absolutely indulge in some pampering by using several body care products available in the market. 

Don't let your body care take a back seat! Treat it like you treat your gym sessions. Just as you exercise to keep your body fit, a little body care also goes a long way towards keeping your skin healthy and ageless! 

Invest in some good body care products today to witness changes in your skin texture. 

Types Of Body Care Products

The market is flooded with a lot of body care products that claim to be the best ones. So how do you decide what is good for your body? Researching each kind of body care product goes a long way towards helping you choose what's right for you. 

Let us make it easy for you. We have curated a list of the different types of body care products that you should be investing in, to get the best care for your body. Read ahead to find out! 

  • Body Washes

Body washes took over the market as an alternative to bathing soaps. The simple reason for this transition was the hygiene aspect of sharing bathing bars with family or friends. A little drip of body wash goes a long way in nourishing your body with love and nourishing ingredients.  

Body washes made with natural components are safe for the sensitive skin of your body and help you feel energized for the whole day. 

  • Bathing Bars

Bathing bars are never going to lose their utility simply because of their ease of usage and common availability. You can simply rub them on your damp skin and wash your body with water to get instant cleanliness and softness. 

At Nourish Mantra, we specially design handmade soaps that are gentle on your skin. We use the wisdom of Ayurveda and combine modern science to enrich our bathing bars with ingredients that will make your skin soft and supple without the use of toxins. 

  • Body Lotions

Lotions are the most common type of body care product used to keep the skin of your body moisturized and soft. They are lighter and non-sticky to use and leave your skin feeling soft and supple. 

You can simply apply a lotion with your bare hands, meaning they are a no-fuss product. Lotions are mostly suitable for all skin types and come with different properties like anti-aging, UV protection, or skin brightening.

Body lotions that contain natural herbs are chemical-free and thus more reliable to be used on your sensitive skin for longer periods. 

  • Body Oil

Body oils have thicker concentrations than body lotions. They are a boon for people suffering from dry skin. Body oils deeply moisturize your body and leave it feeling soft and supple for a relatively long period. 

Good body oil will penetrate the deeper pores of your skin, making it feel nourished. It can also be used by oily skinned people as these oils are nourishing your skin and maintaining oil balance, without making your skin feel greasy. 

  • Hand Wash

Hand wash is the need of the hour. The present pandemic has emphasized their insurance and the market for this body care product has witnessed a boom. But there are also several products using extremely strong chemicals to kill germs on your hand. 

While it is great that your hand wash is protecting you from germs and impurities, the chemicals in them could dry out your hands or damage the sensitive skin of your hand in the longer run. 

Invest in a hand wash that kills germs while also keeping your hands don't and moisturized. Ayurvedic ingredient-rich products are the best option for you. 

  • Hand Lotion

Hand lotions are increasingly becoming popular because of the drying effects of hand wash. These lotions will keep your hands moisturized after frequent hand washing. They will also protect the outer barrier (skin of your hands) from frequent sun exposure and pollution. 

Daily application of hand creams will leave your hands feeling soft and supple. Some natural ingredients in hand lotions like aloe vera, and almond milk will keep your hands moisturized without infusing them with chemical-laden derivatives. 

Benefits Of Body Care Products

Body care products offer a myriad of benefits when it comes to keeping your skin moisturized and soft. Let's see some key benefits of these body care products in detail. 

  • Moisturize Your Dry Skin

Just like the skin of your face, the skin of your body also how's through the regular struggles of hot and cold weather, UV exposure, etc. This makes it dry and chapped. People with dry skin often suffer from dry and irritated skin with just a little change in the weather. 

A good body care product can help you rehydrate your skin. It supplies your skin with the moisture it needs. Using a good body lotion just after your bath can help seal the moisture content of your skin, making it less prone to drying. 

  • Smoothen The Calluses

Calluses are often formed on the skin of your legs by frequent friction of walking. This pressure causes the skin of a particular region to die and form a stronger hard covering to protect the internal healthy skin cells. 

A good body lotion or body oil can smoother these calluses to remove dead cells and make your skin soft and supple. However, if your calluses appear discolored, swollen, and painful, contact a dermatologist.  

  • Relax Your Body

Everyday stress has a negative impact not only on our mental health but also on our bodies. The muscles of our body tend to become stiff. Using a scented body lotion or body oil to gently massage your body can help you relax. 

This will not only supply a good amount of moisture to your skin but will also remove the stiffness from your body making you feel refreshed. Try this method over the weekend, and see how you will feel refreshed for the next Monday morning! 

  • Smell Good To Feel Good

Body lotions or hand lotions with strong chemical fragrances can feel good for some time. But they end up doing more harm than good in the longer run. On the other hand, natural body lotions, body washes, etc will moisturize your body without infusing it with any toxic chemicals. 

Use body care products with mild fragrances that last long. Once you smell good, you will automatically start feeling good! 

  • Get A Glowing Skin 

Body care products, just like facial products, come with different cosmetic properties. They may be used for hydrating, brightening your skin, or simply cleaning and exfoliating your skin gently to give you a natural glow. 

These products remove dullness from your skin, to give you a natural glowing appearance. Body care products are serving a multitude of needs but are still taken for granted by many. Don't make this mistake! Treat the skin of your body as equally important as the skin of your face. 

Nourish Mantra Body Care Products

At Nourish Mantra, we combine the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and the essence of modern science to deliver you 100℅ vegan products that are free from any type of toxins. Our body care products will help you pamper your skin with all the goods minus the toxins! 

Have a look at what we can offer you :

  1. Body Care
  • Body Lotions

We offer 2 body lotions that will smooth your skin and pamper it with much-needed moisture. 

Our Mystic Indian Rose Body Lotion is crafted with love and Indian roses to deliver to you a luxurious fragrance that lasts all day. It also has shea butter to nourish your skin deeply for a moisturized sheen look. 

Our Soft Nirvana Body Lotion is layered with notes of most midnight rain to transfer you to the land of nirvana.It contains therapeutic ingredients like Gotu kola and Indian ginseng to hydrate and nourishes your skin deeply. 

  • Body Oils

Cinnamon Hemp Divya Body Oil from Nourish Mantra is crafted with ethically sourced ingredients like hemp seed oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, and cinnamon oil for a natural ageless glow and hydration. 

  • Body Washes

Our body washes are designed to deliver to you a toxin-free showering experience. Our body washes use herbs that are ethically sourced from the Himalayan states of India. Get your hands on these creamy-textured body washes for moisturized and smooth-looking skin. 

  • Bathing Bars

Nourish Mantra offers premium handmade bathing bars for a rich showering experience. Our Turmeric and Citrus Bathing Bar Soaps help you de-tan your skin for a natural glow. On the other hand, our Cardamom and Mint handmade soap will help you get rid of dirt, excess oil, and impurities for a refreshing look. 

  1. Hand Care
  • Hand Wash

Our hand washes promise to deliver you germ protection without compromising on hand moisturization. Our Vetiver and Lavender Upayas hand wash is infused with the goodness of vetiver root oil and citric acid for germ-free soft hands. 

  • Hand Lotion

Our Vetiver and Upayas Hand Lotion is a creamy lotion with a blend of coconut oil, shea butter, and almond oil, to deliver a calming experience to your hands that become dry by constant hand washing and sanitizing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which brand is best for body care?

We, at Nourish Mantra, care about holistic beauty. We believe that beauty is not just inherent in your exterior skin but your overall interior health. We focus on bringing to your ingredients that are ethically sourced and are 100% vegan. 

Our body care products are formulated with love and ayurvedic ashudhis,mixed with the favor of scientific knowledge. 

  1. What is included in body care? 

Body care includes taking care of the overall skin of your body in addition to your face. Often we buy a lot of products for our face and neglect the skin of our body. Body care products include lotions, hand creams, body washes, etc. 

  1. How can I take care of my body skin? 

Takingcare of the skin of your body involves cleaning it properly to remove impurities and germs. Then you need to exfoliate it to remove dead cells, and finally, moisturize it to lock in the moisture content. This will give you soft and supple skin. 

  1. How can I glow-up? 

You can glow up if you take a balanced diet, in addition to proper sleep and natural beauty products. Beauty is not just external. It is a holistic approach to remain healthy mentally and physically.

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