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Best Oil Control Skincare Products: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to skincare, the importance lies in identifying your skin type. Dry-skin people experience flaky and scaly skin, while for oily skin people, the struggle lies in keeping their makeup intact when it continuously melts off! 

Do you often find yourself asking, "why is my skin so oily?" Well, you are at the right place then. We are going to tell you everything related to oily skin-- causes, bestoily skin care routine, tips for oily skin,best oil control skincare products, etc. Read further to find out. 

What Is Oily Skin?

You must know that our body has sebaceous glands all over our skin. These glands are found in more quantity on your face and scalp. Sebaceous glands produce an oily secretion called sebum which produces oil in balanced quantities to keep your skin moisturized. 

In some people, this balanced secretion of sebum is disturbed. This leads to the overproduction of sebum which increases the oiliness on their faces. The excess oil on your face can clog your pores and cause breakouts. 

What Does an Oily Face Look Like?

Some of the noticeable symptoms of an oily face are summarised below. You can use these insights to determine if you have an oily complexion. 

  • Your face is shiny and greasy. 
  • You often have breakouts.
  • Your wrinkles are less visible. 
  • Your pores get clogged, so they are more visible and enlarged looking.
  • Your makeup may wear off easy

Causes Of Oily Skin

There are many causes of oily skin. If you figure out the key cause responsible for your oily complexion, you will be able to work at the root cause of the problem. Let's see some crucial causes of oily skin. 

  • The Weather and Environment 

  • Weather and environment are some of the most important external factors making your skin oily. This is because a humid climate (summer) favors more oil production. This, in addition to the summer sweat, can cause breakouts. 

    Environmental factors like dirt and pollution also heat up your surroundings. The dirt from the pollution may stick to your oily face clogging your pores. This will increase the chances of breakouts and boost the growth of bacteria on your face. 

  • Genes

  • Genetics is your internal factor prompting oily skin. Oily skin is said to typically run in families. If one of your parents has oily skin, you may be at the risk of developing a similar skin type. Large sebaceous glands doing overproduction of sebum is a hereditary trait. 

  • Stress

  • TheAmerican Academy of Dermatology says that stress can promote oily skin. When you are stressed, your body's stress hormone (cortisol) rises. This, in turn, causes an increase in oil production, leading to oily skin and constant breakouts. 

  • Hormones

  • Stress and illness can disturb your hormone levels. Other factors like pregnancy, periods, menopause, and even certain birth control medications can disturb the levels of your androgen hormones. This leads to the overproduction of oil by your sebaceous glands making your skin oily. 

  • Poor Diet

  • Your diet also plays a key role in making your skin oily. A diet high in carbohydrates like sugar and white rice can increase the levels of insulin in your body. In turn, insulin has been found to elevate the levels of oil production by your sebaceous glands. 

  • Skincare Mistakes

  • If you have oily skin, you need to clean it often so the oil does not clog your pores. The ideal cleansing routine should be twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. We also advise you to wash your face right after your exercise so you can wash off the sweat that may also clog your skin pores later. 

    Avoid over-cleansing, under-cleansing, as well as hard scrubbing. Most oily skin people shy away from moisturizers, which is not a smart decision. We understand that a greasy face is not an ideal moisturizing surface, but if you don't give your face some external hydration, your sebaceous glands will produce more oil to compensate for it. 

    Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

    For all the oily skin queens out there, it's time to update your skincare routine to suit your skin type better. We will also clear all your confusion relating to the oily skincare routine.

  • Cleanse Your Face

  • For oily skin people, it is very important to cleanse your face properly. You cannot wash your face every 2 hours (over-cleansing) or just once a day (under cleansing). The idea cleansing routine involves two times cleansing. 

    Use a mild natural face cleanser with the goodness of natural ingredients like tea tree oil and green tea. They leave your face clean from dirt, sweat, and oil. Use a face wash that deep cleanses your skin to remove excess oil and dirt from the pores of your skin.Oil-based cleanser must be avoided at all costs.   

  • Best Serum For Oily Skin

  • Serums could be a great addition to youroily skin care routine. This is because the potent ingredients in serums help close your enlarged pores. They also work great in reducing the size of your pimples. 

    Serums can work great to limit your frequent breakouts. Use a natural face serum with active ingredients like salicylic acid and cinnamon to restrict the growth of bacteria on your face. This will help you minimize your pores and get rid of pimples. 

  • Moisturizer Your Face

  • People with oily skin don't need to shy away from moisturizers anymore. Skincare companies are formulating lightweight gel-based moisturizers specially designed for oily skin. When you wash your face and treat it with a salicylic acid serum, it dries your face a little. 

    To get rid of this dryness, the sebaceous glands may produce more oil than necessary. But if you provide external hydration, you are fooling your sebaceous glands into thinking that your face has enough moisture. This way, it won't overproduce oils. 

    The best time to moisturize your face is just after washing it when your face is still damp. You can alternatively use it just after you treat your face with a serum. 

  • Use A Good Sunscreen

  • Sun damage can aggravate your breakout problem. For oily skin people, they must use a broad-spectrum sunscreen even on cloudy days. We recommend always carrying sunscreen in your bag and reapplying it every 2-3 hours if you are constantly under the sun.

    A good sunscreen with SPF 30 and above can shield you from harmful UV rays. Use a lightweight gel formula, so it does not clog your pores. Using hats and wearing long sleeve clothes can help you save the skin of your body from getting tanned.  

  • Make Face Masks Your Best Friend

  • Face masks are the most effective treatment for all your skin problems. For people with oily skin, face masks can be a boon. This is because a face mask gives you a mini spa and gets rid of excess makeup, dirt, oil,  and dead skin cells from your skin. 

    This leaves your skin clean. Your pores won't be clogged. This would ultimately lessen your breakout problem. Use a clay-based mask every week to get rid of impurities and clean your skin deeply.

    Oily Skincare Products From Nourish Mantra-H2

    Nourish Mantra offers you the range of the best oil control skincare products. Our products have ayurvedic ingredients and modern scientific formulations blended together to give you the bestskincare routine for oily skin. 

    #1.Ratrani Moroccan Lava Clay Cleanser (For Normal to Oily Skin)

    Enriched with Moroccan lava clay, french red clay, and activated charcoal, whipped into a buttery-soft base, this cleanser absorbs excess oils and removes pollution particles and deep-seated impurities, and dead skin cells, giving you clean, fresh, and flawless skin.

    Licorice extracts and Vitamin E help nourish the skin deeply, leaving your face toned and velvety smooth.

    Other key benefitsof this product for oily skin include: 

    • It detoxifies and purifies your skin. 
    • It contains a pore-clearing blend that absorbs excess oil and cleans up grime caused by pollution.
    • It has a soft, buttery, and fluffy texture that feels like a dream to massage into your skin.
    • It has Vitamin E that nourishes the skin and makes it velvety and soft.

    #2.Holy Basil & Neem Vardaan Mud Mask

    Mud masks are great for oily skin. This face mask contains natural holy basil & neem that purifies skin from toxins and deeply nourishes it. It's time to bid adieu to clogged pores, dull skin, and acne with the perfect blend of freshly picked tulsi and neem leaves.

    It also contains tea tree oil that helps you get rid of frequent breakouts. All these ayurvedic ingredients are a boon for natural skincare and beauty. 

    Key benefits of this face mask include: 

    • Improves skin elasticity and prevents aging of the skin
    • Purifies skin from toxins and deeply nourishes it
    • You can now experience the herbal surge of hydration with tea tree oil

    #3.Mask Mini Trio

    This trio contains a careful blend of natural ingredients, vitamins, and fruit extracts to deliver a refined complexion with a healthy glow. The set contains Holy Basil & Neem Vardaan Mud Mask, Exotic Black Turmeric Mud Mask, and Orange and Saffron Ananda Glow Mask.

    All of these power-packed masks effectively deal with free radical damage and strengthen your complexion by deeply nourishing the skin. These masks absorb excess moisture and oil from your face to give you a natural glow without the oiliness. 

    Other benefits of these masks include: 

    • It nourishes the skin pores and absorbs excess oils
    • It stimulates blood circulation
    • It helps combat early signs of aging
    • It diminishes hyper-pigmentation
    • It gives your skin a nourishing glow

    Why Choose Us?

    We are a modern international skincare brand specializing in delivering you ancient ayurvedic solutions tailor-made for modern skincare problems. We blend our knowledge of Ayurveda with that of modern science to give you the best of both worlds. 

    The market is filled with brands who will make empty promises of delivering you natural products. But we have evidence of our "clean" beauty work spread all through our website. We offer the following benefits over other brands. 

    • We are a PETA-certified vegan, cruelty-free brand. 

    • We offer a "clean" promise: our products are formulated without Parabens, SLS/SLES, Phthalates, Formaldehydes, Mineral Oil, Oxybenzone, Talc, and Phenoxyethanol. Synthetic Fragrance (if any) is below 1% concentration.

    • We are transparent about our ingredient list. What you see is what you buy. Everything is well listed in our product description. 

    • Ouroil control skincare products come in sustainable plastic-neutral packaging

    Skincare Tips For Oily Skin

    We are listing some dos and don't for people with oily skin. It will help you get rid of your oily skin problems. 

    • Do not skip the moisturization step. Choose a lightweight gel-based moisturizer that gets easily absorbed into your skin without making it oily. 
    • Do chooseoil control skincare products that are labeled “oil-free” and “non-comedogenic". These products will not clog your skin pores. 
    • Do not useoil-based cleansers for oily skin. Alcohol-based cleansers are also not a good choice. 
    • Choose an oil-free water-based makeup. We also advise you to never sleep with your makeup. Always clean your face so your skin cells have breathing space at night. 
    • If you feel that your skin is getting too oily, use blotting paper instead of touching your face with your hand throughout the day. 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is oily skin good?

  • All skin types are good. People may either have a combination, of dry, or oily skin types. Each one has some skin issues associated with them. However, all of them can be managed with a good skincare routine.Oily skincare requires the best oil control skincare products. 

  • What causes oily skin?

  • There are many causes of oily skin. The key causes encompass hormonal changes, genetics, weather, and stress. Oily skin is an outcome of increased production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. 

  • Does drinking water help oily skin?

  • Yes,drinking water in the right quantity can nourish your skin from the inside. When your skin feels hydrated, your sebaceous glands secrete less oil to moisturize it. This leads to less appearance of oil on your face. 

  • How do you get clear skin?

  • Anybody can get clear skin by using the right ingredients and following a good skincare routine that is suitable for their skin type. Invest in natural skincare products free from harmful chemicals to get clear glowing skin. 

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