Essential tips to guard your skin against all the toxins in the air

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‘Do I need an anti-pollution skincare routine?’

‘What if I wear a scarf’?

‘Is my sunscreen not enough?’

If you are still confused about saving your skin from the dangers of air pollution, you need to hear what the experts have to say. We know the marvels of night creams but just buying that best anti-wrinkle night cream is not enough. We know about the threats of UV rays, but what about the smog we come across after the sunset? The air polluted by traffic, household activities, manufacturing industries, cigarettes, and the likes? Such pollutants are small enough to pierce your skin cells, causing much damage in the long run.

The National Library of Medicine states that prolonged exposure to outdoor and indoor air pollutants like PAHs, VOCs, PM, SO2, and CO lead to multiple skin disorders like premature aging, dermatitis, acne, hair loss, and even skin cancers like melanoma. Around 92% of the world’s population lives in places where air pollution exceeds safe limits. So, even if you live in the suburbs, away from the cities like Los Angeles or New York, you can’t escape the wrath of air pollution.

We know it’s scary, especially for the urban working population. But don’t be afraid, because nature has the solution to everything. And we are here to help you create an anti-pollution skincare routine perfect for the current air quality index and your busy lifestyles. Your skin is capable of guarding itself with a bit of help from you. With a few changes to your routine, you are good to go. Investing in self-care is always rewarding. Once you are educated on such simple but vital self-care rituals, following one is not that hard.

Which ingredients would save your skin?

Choosing anti-pollution skincare or face care products doesn’t have to be a complex process if you know the correct ingredients for the formula. So, let’s make it easy for you. Look for antioxidant and skin rejuvenating ingredients like Okra and Sahjan extracts, Shea Butter, Green tea, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. All these ingredients can be utilized in a natural face care product so that you don’t expose your skin to more harmful substances, as found in unnatural ones. You need to do your research and read the ingredient list.

Which ingredients are a no-no?

Knowing what you need is great, but keeping updated about what you don’t need is smarter. Avoid products having high quantities of unnatural chemical preservatives, parabens, colors, and dioxins. We can’t fight evil with evil, and many countries have already banned such ingredients.

Once you select your skincare products, get supple and glowing skin with this step-by-step anti-pollution skincare regimen.

Natural skincare routine: Your shield against pollution


  1. Morning: Thoroughly cleanse your face using a natural face cleanser that is highly effective and gentle. Effectiveness depends on the quality. Do not use unnatural or harsh ingredients that can be dangerous either immediately or in the long run. Go for a natural face care product having safer and more effective ingredients like Activated charcoal, Moroccan lava clay, Vitamin E, Cucumber, and Mint. These antioxidants uproot deep impurities without leaving the skin dry or irritated.
  1. Night: At night, you might have to use a natural face cleanser with the properties of a scrub. With all the pollution building up for long hours, a green tea scrub cleanser will wash away all the impurities and fatigue, leaving a refreshed look and feel on your face.


There are plenty of anti-pollution serums out there. What you must focus on are the ingredients and the manufacturing process. Use a natural face serum free of harsh synthetics. Natural face serum with ingredients like Niacinamide, Aloe Vera, and multiple fruit extracts work wonders. These ingredients work as a powerful tonic to protect from and reduce skin damage caused due to pollution. You would thank your serum for a toned and pumped-up face.


  1. Day time: After all the cleansing and protection, the skin needs to remain hydrated and moisturized. Dermatologists state that dry skin is at a higher risk of attracting germs and bacteria. During the day, a natural body lotion with SPF 15 and above is one of the best choices. It is a multi-tasker providing deep skin nourishment, UV protection, and anti-air pollution traits.
  1. Nighttime: You don’t need an SPF body lotion at night. Your nighttime ritual demands you to put on the best anti-pollution night cream and forget about it. The cream will do everything for you. After deep cleansing and toning at night, all you need is your anti-pollution night cream. Massage gently onto your face and neck. The cream will work overnight to ensure your skin does not suffer premature aging and fatigue due to UV rays and air pollution.

Which ingredients to look for in the best anti-pollution night cream?

Okra Extract, Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, Gotu Kola Extract, Lavender Oil, Sahjan Extract, Moringa, Niacinamide, Tamarind Extract, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Ashwagandha Extract.

The number of pollutants and their intensity is rising continuously, and our skin is ingesting everything! Be it natural or artificial factors. You cannot stop it all. What you can do is save yourself from it. Keep your skin cleansed, detoxed, and nourished. A natural skin care routine is a form of eternal self-care practice, protecting us from the most hazardous elements around us.