Buy Natural & Ayurvedic Body Lotions

A natural body lotion is designed to make your skin smoother, hydrate it, moisturize it while also smelling great and helping you relax and pamper yourself. And who does not love flaunting gorgeous, shiny skin that is healthy and glowing from within? While many drug store lotions promise to deliver all of that and more in a very short time, the real deal is in taking a slow and steady approach towards beauty and wellness for more long-lasting results.  

Ayurveda is an ancient alternative medicine with roots in the Indian subcontinent. Ayurveda for wellness and beauty considers various skin types and targets skin conditions accordingly. It uses natural plants and herbs to formulate mixtures to treat dead, dry, dull, and calloused skin. It sure is a slow process with Ayurvedic products, but the results from using an ayurvedic body lotion are well visible and long-lasting.  

Why Choose our Lotions?  

Ayurveda is in the very ethos of Nourish Mantra. As a brand that believes in embracing true beauty- both inner and external, we are dedicated to making organic body lotions that are gentle on the skin, do not cause any harm, and deliver the promised results.   

The Mystic Indian Rose Body Lotion is a fine blend of Rosewater, Coconut oil, and Shea butter, along with Gotu Kola, Moringa, and Indian Ginseng. A buttery formula, it will be your best natural body lotion for combating dull and dry skin.  

Another natural body lotion from our range called the Soft Nirvana Body Lotion is exactly what the name suggests. Its formula is gentle, while the fragrance is therapeutic. A true paradise on earth, the experience with this one is pure bliss!