Face Mist: Everything You Need To Know

Do you know what transepidermal water loss is? It signifies the loss of water through the epidermal layer of the skin throughout the day. Your skin thus becomes parched and needs a quick hydration boost. This is where a good face mist comes in handy. 

So how does a face mist boost hydration in the skin, and what other benefits does it offer? We will uncover everything about face mists here so you can buy face mists online. 

What is a Face Mist?

Face mists are liquid-based skincare products that can be spritzed on the face using a spray bottle or an atomizer. The micro-sized droplets of face mists penetrate deep inside your skin to give you an instant dose of hydration.

A face mist (face spray) comes in small handy bottles that can be taken anywhere, anytime, and used without any fuss. These skincare products are a summer-must have since your skin feels most dehydrated and parched during the summer months.

How Does a Face Mist Work?

A face mist spray is a mixture of water and a humectant. This makes them thin in texture as well as sprayable. Humectants in the face mist sit on top of your skin and absorb moisture from the environment to infuse it directly into the external skin surface. This gives quick hydration to your face. 

Some face mist also contains a mixture of emulsifiers and oils that sit on the skin and prevent evaporation of moisture from the deeper layers. Face mists can contain additional ingredients to address skin concerns. If you are searching for a face mist for glowing skin, read further!

Benefits of a Face Mist

Now that you understand what face mists are and how they work, it is time to tell you the varied benefits of using a facial mist. 

  1. Gives Instant Dose of Freshness

The main benefit of a face mist spray is that it gives you instant freshness anywhere, anytime. You just need to spray some face mist on your skin when you feel dehydrated or sweaty. It eliminates the need for washing the face frequently when you need to feel fresh and active. 

  1. Rebalances Your Skin’s pH

Your skin gets exposed to various environmental stressors like pollutants. UV rays and blue light from the screen on a daily basis. All of these are responsible for changing the pH of your skin and making it acidic. 

A facial mist helps rebalance the skin pH by giving it the moisturization that can save the external skin barrier from getting compromised. It also helps neutralize the effects of such stressors by forming a thin layer on the skin. 

  1. Absorbs Excess Oil From Deeper Pores

Oily skin people can benefit from facial mists that contain ingredients like salicylic acid or lemongrass. Such ingredients absorb excess oil from the skin to give a natural healthy glow. In summers, everyone sweats profusely, which leads to clogging of the skin pores. A face mist absorbs excess sweat and oil to limit breakouts. 

  1. Boon For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin people often get reactions from skincare products. This leads to redness, itching, and irritation. A face mist is mostly made of water. This makes it safe to be used by sensitive skin people. 

Further, face mists containing natural ingredients like cucumber extracts, aloe vera, etc., can calm sensitive skin and help ease itching and redness. 

  1. Uplifts Tired Skin

A face mist can help refresh your skin midday when you feel lazy and exhausted. A tired-looking face is directly related to dehydration. Face mist instantly uplifts the hydration in thirsty skin to help your face look fresh and active. 

  1. Helps Absorb Other Skincare Products

Hydrated skin can absorb active ingredients better than dry skin. This is why using a facial mist just before applying a night cream, or a facial serum is recommended. It boosts the absorbing power of the skin and helps skin care products get absorbed better. 

How To Use A Face Mist

You can use a face mist anywhere, anytime, without having to worry about how it would make your skin look post use. This is because a face mist easily blends on your skin and gets absorbed quickly without affecting your makeup. In fact, it enhances your makeup look. 

To use a facial mist, simply open your mist spray bottle and spritz it on your face. Make sure that you keep it at a distance of about 11-12 inches from your face. Wait for a minute for your skin to absorb its goodness, and you are good to go!

There is no limit as to how many times you should use a face mist. But we recommend that you use it less than four times a day. This is because an excess of moisture is also not good for your skin in the long term. 

Ways To Use A Face Mist

A face mist can be used in different ways. In this section, we will tell you how you can use one face mist for different purposes.

  • To Replace Your Toner

  • Facial mists are different than toners. Toners help shrink pores, while the purpose of a face mist is to refresh your skin. However, on days that your toner is out of stock, you can definitely spritz some face mist in place of it. If your face mist has ingredients like salicylic acid, it will help decrease the sizes of your pores. 

  • To Wake Up Your Skin

  • It is really hard to get out of bed in the morning but washing your face with cold water does help! Now you can bring the freshness dose right inside your bedroom. Just keep a face mist handly by your bedside, and the next time you do not feel like getting up in the morning, quickly splash some face mist on your skin. 

  • To Fix Your Makeup

  • Face mist can be used as a makeup blender and a face spray after makeup as well. To use a face mist as a setting spray, simply spray it in place of a regular setting spray. If you go for a natural face mist, you can eliminate the need for using chemical-based face sprays. 

    Further, if your makeup feels cakey in a few places, spray some face mist on a makeup blender and dab it onto the skin where the makeup is cakey. It will help smooth out your makeup and give you a natural no-makeup makeup look. 

  • To Moisturize Your Skin

  • For people who do not like using moisturizers and serums because of their sticky texture, face mists serve the purpose of moisturization. Since face mists are non-sticky and non-tacky, they easily blend on your face to give you hydration without any fuss.

    Ingredients in a Face Mist

    Some of the most common ingredients in a face mist that can help rescue your dry, parched skin are listed below. 

    1. Hyaluronic Acid

    This is a humectant that tends to act like a sponge. It absorbs moisture from the surroundings and seals it into your skin. A hyaluronic acid-enriched facial mist is the best face mist for dry skin and sensitive skin. It also gives your face a natural glow

    1. Lavender

    Lavender is a natural ingredient that can help calm sensitive skin. It has a rich aroma that calms anxiety and uplifts mood. A facial mist containing lavender can also control breakouts and absorb excess oil from the skin to give you a naturally toned face. 

    1. Jasmine

    Jasmine has antioxidant properties that can reverse skin damage. The mild floral scent of jasmine acts as a mood enhancer. It helps ease the mind and also minimizes the pores to give your skin a flawless glow.

    1. Rose Water

    Natural rose water has been used for decades as a toner. But rose water is also an excellent ingredient for the best facial mist. It helps shrink the pores and nourishes them deeply for a hydrated glow. 

    How is a Natural Face Mist Better?

    Natural face mists are made using 100% natural ingredients. This implies that they do not contain harmful chemicals that are generally present in most cosmetic products. Examples of such harmful chemicals include parabens, phthalates, SLS, artificial fragrances, etc.

    A natural face mist is better because:

    • It is made using natural, vegan ingredients that are ethically sourced. This implies that they are safe to be used by people with sensitive skin who often get allergic reactions from chemical-based products. 

    • A natural face mist does not contain artificial preservatives. This keeps your skin healthy because artificial preservatives tend to harm the skin in the long term. 

    • Natural face mists contain essential oils that provide a myriad of benefits. They also provide aromatherapy to relax your mind. 

    • Natural face mists containing natural ingredients are more hydrating and moisturizing than chemical-based facial mists. Natural face mist containing ingredients like cucumber extracts, mint and aloe vera, etc are also more soothing on the skin. 

    • Natural face mists are also more sustainable and environment-friendly, as they use natural ingredients as well as environment-friendly packaging. 

    Why Choose Nourish Mantra?

    Nourish Mantra is a 100% vegan, cruelty-free brand that makes natural skin care products without any harmful chemicals like phthalates, SLS, parabens, etc. We also do not use artificial fragrances or preservatives that harm the skin in the long run.

    All our products are made using a Secret Blend of naturally found ingredients and scientifically derived supplements good for your skin. We are also plastic-neutral. This means that in addition to caring about your skin, we also care about the environment. Sustainability and transparency go hand in hand at Nourish Mantra.

    Mysore Jasmine Facial Mist from Nourish Mantra is a 100% natural face spray for glowing skin. It is made using the steam distillation process. Another great facial mist from Nourish Mantra is theKashmiri Lavender Facial Mist. This mist is infused with the aromatic power of lavender that calms irritated skin and gives instant freshness. It is the best face mist for oily skin. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it good to mist your face?

  • A face mist can help moisturize your skin when you feel dehydrated. It gives you an instant splash of freshness anywhere, anytime. So it is good to mist your face every now and then. 

  • Is mist the same as a toner?

  • A face mist is different from a toner. The basic use of toner is to minimize your pores so other skincare products can give you a flawless look. On the other hand, a facial mist is used to hydrate your skin when it feels dull and dry mid-day. 

  • When should I use face mist?

  • The best part about a face mist is that it can be used anywhere, anytime. You can use a facial mist just after you get up. You can also use it in place of a makeup fixer or setting spray. A face mist can be used anytime during the day when you feel your makeup is drying out your skin or when your face suddenly starts looking dull. 

  • Is Rosewater toner or mist?

  • Rosewater is an all-rounder ingredient. It can be used as a natural ingredient in toners, face mists, serums, or moisturizers. Rosewater is anti-inflammatory. This means it calms irritated skin. It also has a soothing fragrance that makes it ideal to be used in cosmetic and skincare products. 

  • Can I use face mist after makeup?

  • Yes, a face mist can be used after applying makeup. You can use it as a setting spray or as a makeup blender to even out cakey makeup. Spritz the best facial spray at places where you feel your makeup looks cakey, and voila! You are set. 

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