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Hand care products: Beginner’s guide 101

We live in a highly contaminated environment where each and every body part needs our maximum protection. Since your skin is the largest and the most exposed organ of your body. This effectively means that you need to invest more to keep it healthy, and that’s where skin care enters.

You probably think of lotions and creams for your body and face when you think about skin care. However, you and many others often forget a body part that is your hands. Hands can tell a lot about a person, including their hygiene, making it vital to take care of them properly. The skin on your hands is one of the most exposed areas of your body. It regularly comes in coats with water, detergents, soaps, and chemicals, making it the most frequently washed part of our body. This frequent wash causes our hands to dry quickly, appearing rough, cracked, and dry. 

This is where hand care products like hand lotions and hand wash enter the picture. They ensure that the body part which bears the brunt of your everyday work is treated well.

Have a look at all the reasons to include hand care products in your daily skin care regime. Let’s begin by looking at the various benefits of a hand wash.

What are the benefits of using a hand wash?

  • Fewer chances of food-borne illness

Hand wash is a hand care product that helps fight bacteria off your hands, which prevents the possibility of any food-borne illness. 

  • Lowers the survival rate for lingering bacteria

Bacteria have been present on the earth way before us, meaning they know how to survive. This is why you need effective hand care products like bacteria-killing hand washes to clean your hands properly.

  • Tackles rise in antibiotic resistance

If you’re washing your hands properly, then you’re reducing the chance of stomach-related and respiratory illnesses by over 30 percent. Good hand care products also minimize the risk of infection through the eyes, nose, and mouth by cleaning your hands thoroughly.

Buy Vetiver And Lavender Upayas Hand Wash by Nourish Mantra to gain all these benefits and more. This natural hand wash suits all skin types and effectively kills all germs. It is a blend of vetiver root oil, citric acid, and aloe vera, among other nourishing ingredients. This hand wash is a perfect escape from sanitizers and chemical-infused handwash. It has a soothing floral scent that will leave your hands smooth by maintaining moisture balance. This gentle formula both cleanses and nourishes your hands.

Now, we have a hand lotion onto the following hand care products. These are hand moisturizers designed especially for the delicate skin of your hands to prevent dryness and nourish the skin. Here are all the reasons to include the best lotion in your skin care regime.

 What are the benefits of using hand lotion?

  • Hand lotion makes your hand’s skin more supple 

Hand care products aim to provide you with beautiful skin, and this does with regularly using hand lotion. A hand lotion provides your hands with an extra soft and supple feel. It makes the skin smooth and delivers a luxurious feel at the touch. 

  • Hand lotion protects against sun damage

Protection from the sun is essential for any part of your exposed skin, like your hands. Since your hands are most vulnerable to the sun and other UV lights, a hand lotion becomes crucial. A hand lotion provides much-needed protection, keeping your skin away from all the damaging effects like aging, wrinkles, dryness, or spots.

  • Hand lotion heals damaged skin

Many natural factors can cause your skin to crack, damaging the natural barrier. This further leads to pain, irritation, and sometimes even bleeding. However, if you use the best lotion, this will likely never happen again. It is because hand lotion contains healing ingredients like herbs and essential oils, which are fantastic for your damaged or cracked skin. They heal the skin and nourish it to prevent similar incidents.

  • Hand lotion hydrates the skin

Hydration equals healthy skin, and the best hand lotion provides you with precisely that. Hand lotion is rich in many hydrating and nourishing ingredients which keep moisture locked in. This moisture keeps your skin soft, blemish-free, and healthy.

  • Hand lotion relieves stress

Hand tire themselves as they are constantly working the entire day. So, when you massage hand lotion filled with essential oils and other soothing ingredients on your hands, it helps you destress. Hand lotion soothes both your skin and senses.

 Purchase Vetiver And Lavender Upayas Hand Lotion by Nourish Mantra, an incredible butter formulation to curb dry skin. It is used by people of all skin types and is the best hand lotion to pamper your hands. It heals your hands and delights your senses. It is a creamy lotion that consists of coconut oil, almond oil, and shea butter. It provides deep moisturization. It tackles the dryness and irritation caused by constant cleaning and sanitization. This butter concoction is rich in vetiver root oil and lavender oil, which delivers antioxidant blessings to the skin while rejuvenating and calming the senses naturally. Once you start using this hand lotion, we are sure you wouldn’t want to switch ever.

Why should you prefer a natural hand lotion? 

  • Natural hand lotion contains healthier ingredients

Natural hand moisturizer is the best hand lotion as they are not filled with synthetic chemicals. The absence of chemical toxins means fewer chances of side effects for your body. It also means using healthier and natural ingredients beneficial for your overall health.

  • Natural hand lotion is more sustainable

These are better as they do not actively harm the environment as the chemical hand cream does. The best hand lotion helps preserve the atmosphere by employing environmentally friendly activities.

  • Natural hand lotion is safer for your skin

The absence of synthetic ingredients in these hand creams ensures that they are skin-friendly and highly nourishing. They are less likely to cause skin irritation, redness, swelling, or triggering any other allergies. This makes them the best hand lotion available in the market.

What can Nourish Mantra offer?  

We are modern international skincare focusing on holistic wellness. We believe in modernizing traditional Indian beauty philosophies for today’s changing modern world. Here at Nourish Mantra, we are led by the thought that when you feel good, you look good. 

All our products, including our range of hand care products,consist of the most nourishing ingredients to deliver lasting beauty. All our products are natural, vegan, 100% cruelty-free consisting of ethically sourced ingredients to give your skin the best treatment possible. Our roots lie in Ayurveda, and we follow the traditional principle of beauty. We share our beliefs with the principles of Roopam, Gunam, and Vayastyag, meaning external beauty, inner beauty, and lasting beauty. 

At Nourish Mantra, beauty is treated like a process that deserves our outcome care and sensitivity. We are also trying to extend the same sensitivity towards the environment. We are a PETA-certified skincare brand, and all our products are GMP certified without any toxins. We are also on our way to becoming more sustainable in our packing to help preserve our climate.

If you resonate with our beliefs or want to know more about our beginning, execution, or journey, then we write to you. We will be eagerly waiting for you. 

Frequently asked questions

  1. What can I use for extremely dry cracked hands?

It would help if you started by swapping your chemical toxic hand care products with natural hand care products. Start with a natural hand wash and use it instead of over-sanitizing your hands. Also, include a hand lotion in your skincare routine and apply it whenever your hands feel dry.

2. Do hand creams really work?

Yes, of course, hand cream works. It is just like a moisturizer, but it is tailored for your hand’s skin. The best hand lotion helps boost the skin’s elasticity and moisture level making it appear softer and more supple. A hand lotion also nourishes your cuticles and nails, giving your hand a full glow-up.

3. What deficiency causes dry hands?

Many physical and chemical reasons may be causing your dry hands. One of them is little exposure to the sun, which causes a deficiency of Vitamin D. 

4. Is coconut oil good for dry hands?

Coconut oil is a natural oil that has emollient properties. Coconut oil is found in many moisturizing creams and lotions and is good for dry skin. You can do it to tackle dermatitis and mild to moderate xerosis or extremely dry skin.

5. Does vitamin C cause dry skin?

Vitamin C is a new favorite due to its extensive skin benefits. However, people with sensitive skin types might not be the biggest fan of vitamin C as it can cause irritation, dryness, redness, and even peeling. If this happens to you, it is recommended to connect with your dermatologist.To get started, you can order the Vetiver and Lavender Upayas Hand Wash and Lotion by Nourish Mantra, a fantastic combo of hand care products. These hand care products will give you soft and supple skin. No more waiting around now. Go and dive into the rich world of hand care products.

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