What Is The Difference Between Toner And Facial Mist?

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What Is The Difference Between Toner And Facial Mist?

Summers are around the corner, and you must be looking for some refreshing skin care products to add to your shopping cart. What can be more refreshing than facial mists and toners? Both of them give you an instant splash of freshness. But are they the same product? Can you replace one with the other?

There are too many confusing questions regarding them. There is a common misconception that toner and mist serve the same purpose. While both of them provide benefits for the skin, their area of work in the skin care regime is entirely different. To comprehend the difference between the two, let's understand them separately first.

What Is A Toner?

Toners are the second step in your CTM (cleanse-tone-moisturize) skin care routine. They are infused with different ingredients that provide hydration to your skin and offer various benefits to restore your natural glow. They are astringent and help to cleanse the skin pores effectively.

Lets now see the essential uses of toners here:

Toners Make Your Skin Firmer

Toners are used to increase the firmness and elasticity of your skin. They increase skin hydration to make your skin appear plumper and more hydrated. This makes your face look firm and even textured. 

Toners Help Shrink Your Open Pores

Open and large pores are the gateway for the entry of bacteria and other harmful germs. Toners help minimize the appearance of these pores to give you a polished look. It helps your skin appear more smooth and less bumpy.

Toners Balance The Natural pH Of Your face

The face wash you use might affect the pH of your face since it contains some acids. Toners that are free from alcohol help to balance the natural pH of your face to give you an irritation-free glow. 

How To Use A Toner?

Wash your face with a mild cleanser and pat dry with a towel. Dampen a cotton ball with toner and gently sweep it on your face, avoiding the eye area. Apply your moisturizer while your skin is still a little damp. It helps hydrate your skin better. 


What Is A Facial Mist?

Face mists are the new Gen-Z favorite skin care trend, and it's not surprising why! They come in small handy bottles that can be carried easily and used even while standing on a road full of people. They help you solve your mid-day skin crisis with a single splash of freshness and provide instant results too.

The best way to use a face mist spray is to cool it in the refrigerator during summers and splash it in the hot afternoon for a quick dose of freshness. It will definitely give you a refreshing glow every time you spray it. In winters, a face mist can help you get moisturization when the cold air dries out your skin.

The benefits of a facial mist are:

Refresh Your Skin As You Get Up

If you want an instant splash of freshness, get yourself a facial mist instead of using cold water in the morning. A facial mist contains ingredients like Vitamin C and coconut water that instantly makes your skin glow. It will also help you feel refreshed for the entire day.

Smooth Out Your Cakey Makeup

If your makeup appears to be more than you want, a facial mist can help you get the desired look back. Simply spray some mist on the area of your face that you feel has more makeup. You can also use a face mist as a setting spray for your makeup. Simply spray it on your face pre or post makeup to get a glowing look.

Alternatively, there is a trick that Instagram influencers use on a daily basis. Spray some facial mist on a makeup blender and dab it in your face to even out your makeup.

Mid Day Freshness Blast

If you live a busy life, it becomes tough to freshen up your makeup during the day. A facial mist is your best bet to beat the mid-day tiredness and get your morning glow back. Don't let pollution and stress make your skin look dull. Use a facial mist for a freshness blast.

How To Use A Facial Mist?

A facial mist can be used at any point during the day or night to refresh your makeup or simply get instant hydration. Just pop open the spray bottle of your favorite mist and spray it on your face keeping it at a distance of about 11-12 inches from your skin. 

Is There A Difference Between A Facial Mist And Toner?

Since the toners started coming in spray bottles, it has become difficult to differentiate them from facial mists. But even though they might look similar, their effects and functions are different. Let's try to understand their difference through the below-mentioned points:


Toners are astringents that deep clean your open pores and help to shrink them. On the other hand, face mists contain nourishing oils that give your skin instant hydration. But it does not do anything for your pores. As you can see, they serve two completely different purposes, so it's safe to say that they are different.

Order Of Application

A facial toner is applied just after cleansing your face, before moisturization. On the other hand, a facial mist can be applied any day, any time during the day or night for an instant boost of hydration. 

A facial mist can be used before or after moisturization, whereas a toner is only desirable to be used before moisturization.

Do You Need Both Toner and Face Mist?

Since they both serve completely different purposes, you need both of them separately. There is nothing essential in a skin care regime. You decide what your face needs and avoid the product you do not need. 

A facial mist can give your skin instant freshness, while toners cleanse your face. Both of them can help you get better-looking, healthy skin.

Can You Use Toner Instead Of Mist?

That's a big no! There are no shortcuts in skin care. Toner won't give you freshness, and a mist won't cleanse your pores. So you should not be using one in place of the other. You can skip using toner if it is not available but do not use a facial mist in its place. 

Best Facial Mists For Your Face

Nourish Mantra offers you the best natural face care products. We are a PETA-certified 100% vegan, cruelty-free brand that promises to give you “clean products.” This means that all our products will be free from harmful chemicals like SLS, parabens, phthalates, etc.


  • Mysore Jasmine Facial Mist
  • This mist is prepared from natural steam distilled jasmine flower water. This gives you freshness and helps you get rid of your daily stress. Its rich Jasmine aroma will transcend you to the royal palaces of Mysore.


    What else does this mist offer?

    • It hydrates and rejuvenates your skin.
    • It restores moisture in your skin and locks it
    • It helps tighten your pores


  • Kashmiri Lavender Facial Mist
  • This mist has a heavenly smell of lavender brought to you straight from the Himalayas. It has 100% natural steam distilled lavender water and ayurvedic ingredients to give you freshness any day, anytime. 


    What else does this mist offer?

    • Provides a quick blast of freshness 
    • Fights inflammation and calms your skin
    • Can be used as a calming agent post waxing or shaving

    Why Choose Nourish Mantra?

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    To Conclude

    Toners and mists have different purposes and different orders of application. A face mist will give you freshness and hydration, while a toner will give your face a cleansing effect and help reduce the size of your open pores. 

    Do not use them interchangeably. If you want to try a facial mist or toner, go for natural ones that are free from harmful chemicals. Try Nourish Mantra’s range of skin care products for an all-natural glowing look.