Some Lesser-Discussed Winter Skin Care Facts That Matter.

Nourish Mantra

Most winter skincare blogs highlight the best natural body lotions, organic face moisturizers, and different skincare routines. These are the most crucial elements to care for your skin in this chilling season, but we are here to share the other aspects of your routine that affect the health of your skin in winters.

Just like our natural skincare routine, which changes with the seasons, our habits also demand alterations. We will not talk about your eating or sleeping routine here, but you can take some straightforward actions right now!

This piece is for you if you:

  • Love taking steamy hot showers daily.
  • Like to bathe on alternative days or wait for the next week to come.
  • Are a big-time shopaholic.
  • Struggle to find the perfect winter fashion, which is also comfy and skin-friendly.
  • Don’t enjoy shopping.


Shower tips for winter skincare.

Bathing daily, early in the morning, is even a part of some traditional Indian cultures. People follow it religiously, but this cold season gives you a lot fewer reasons to bathe multiple times or even once a day.    

  1. If you aren’t sweating, showering on alternative days is not a bad idea. Just keep up with your natural skincare routine and personal hygiene every day.
  2. It’s proven that showering once a day, every day, aids in fat loss and helps control type 2 diabetes, and showering multiple times a day, when you don’t need it, affects your skin and hair health. 
  3. Keep up with the moisturization to avoid cracked, dull skin that may be shed! Apply your body lotion and face creams right after tap drying with your towel when your skin is still moist. This ensures complete absorption.
  4. Grab all the moisture you can and savor a plump, smooth and glowing skin in winters. Fit a central heating system in your home or carry a handy humidifier. Your skin will absorb enough moisture every minute!


Note: Bathe with a mild gel or natural soap bar which has moisturizing properties and does not contain too much alcohol or skin-drying chemicals. 


Fashion that complements your winter skincare routine.

Try to feel good, confident, and comfy in your attire. Dress according to the weather; you are good to go. Here is what you can do!

  1. Winter fabrics do keep you warm but avoid letting the rough ones touch your skin directly. It made the skin itchy, prone to rashes, and roughened up. 
  2. The clothes with a soft, warm and comfy fabric should make up the first layer of your winter clothing.
  3. For hand care, wear mittens or gloves that are soft. Wear silk liners underneath gloves that aren’t so soft. 

 Skin-friendly winter fashion!

  1.  Woolens are loved, especially the soft and cozy ones. Kashmiri or Cashmere Wool is one of the most delicate winter fabrics in the world. It’s reared from the sheeps native to the Kashmir region in India. It’s warm, soft, and comfy. Think about cashmere wool pullovers and beanies. Merino wool is also very smooth. It can be an excellent first layer of clothing because of its fine fibers and lightweight.
  2. For snowy areas, keep some pairs of shoes or boots that have treads to avoid slipping. Pair them with thick woolen socks to cancel your chances of getting frostbite.
  3. You can enjoy your silk and slip dresses too. Just wear a solid body warmer beneath it. 
  4. Pair your skirt, dress, or coat with a pair of warm, skin-colored leggings and ankle-length boots. Healthy fashion is the new fashion!

 Winter skincare essentials!

 Fill your skin with everything nourishing!

  •  Switch drying cleansers with moisturizing and smooth cleansers that help to retain the pH level of your skin.
  • Find the best face oil for yourself and keep your skin moisturized to the core!
  • In the end, protect and lock all the nutrition with a natural face moisturizer that melts smoothly inside your skin and stays for hours!
  • If you have very oily skin, find a serum that has moisturizing fruit extracts and Hyaluronic acid. This way, you don’t have to depend on heavy face creams and moisturizers.

 Top 5 picks!

  1. Natural hand care products: Vetiver and Lavender hand wash and hand lotion.
  2. Mystic Indian Rose Body Lotion for smooth, nourished, and glowing skin.
  3. Urban Rani Youth Preserve Cream: A natural face moisturizer to handle environmental damage and aging skin.
  4. Cinnamon Divya body oil: For dry skin, warm feel, and stress relieving body massage.
  5. Cosmic Sutra hair oil: Dry hair and scalp, dandruff, hair fall, and damaged hair.

 Enjoy the cozy nights, have lots of fluids, warm spices, and veggie soups. Cut out on the drying and dehydrating stuff. Relish the season of moisturization and hot casserole delights!

 Join our beauty and wellness circle. Share your winter tips and ideas, and keep visiting for more. Happy winters!