How To Boost Hair Growth: The Natural Way

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How To Boost Hair Growth: The Natural Way

Hairfall problems giving you sleepless nights?

In the polluted air of the cities, not only our skin but our hair is also succumbing to various ill effects. As a result, hair fall problems have become common, and it has become challenging to get your hair to shine naturally.

This blog will take a closer look at the science of hair growth and what you can do to naturally grow your hair and restore its shine.

  • Science Behind Hair Growth

  • Scientific research predicts that humans are born with approximately 5 million hair follicles. Hair follicles are nothing but tiny openings on your skin through which hair grows. Out of these 5 million hair follicles, about 10,0000 are on your head.

    Hair grows from the roots of these follicles. The blood in your scalp supplies the root hair with nutrition and oxygen for its proper growth. When the body stops this nutrition, your hair falls. Your hair also passes through an oil gland while coming out of the skin of your scalp. The silkiness and the texture of your hair depend on this oil gland.

    The hair is made up of 2 components- skin cells and keratin (a protein). Since the role of protein is significant, doctors suggest you increase protein levels in your diet to strengthen your hair. 

  • 6 Best Ways To Grow Your Hair Naturally

  • Now that you know how your hair actually grows, let’s take you forward towards different ways to grow your hair naturally. 

  • Eat A Balanced Diet

  • Since your hair grows from the inside out, it is imperative to feed your body nutritious food. When your body is healthy, your hair growth will also be healthy. Eating a protein-rich diet is the simplest of the natural ways to achieve healthy hair. This is because your hair is made up of protein (keratin). 

    Doctors even advise not to do strict restrictive dieting. This is because your hair growth is a secondary priority for your body. The nutrition that it gets is first utilized for bodily functions, and if there is any left, it is given to your hair. By restricting your diet, you will limit the growth of your hair.

  • Drink Plenty Of Water

  • When your hair does not receive proper moisturization, it becomes frizzy and brittle. The only source of hydration for your hair is your internal body system. The more water you consume, the more your hair will receive hydration. Hydrated and nourished hair is at a decreased risk of breaking off. 


    Another natural way of providing hydration and nutrition to your hair is by oiling your scalp with nutrition-rich oily concoctions. Use natural oils like coconut oil or almond oil to provide external hydration to your hair.

  • Boost Your Nutrition

  • For people who cannot derive sufficient nutrition from their food, supplements are available in the market that can give you enough vitamins and proteins that aid in hair growth. Specific vitamins like Biotin and Vitamin C are highly beneficial when consumed under a doctor’s supervision. 

    Apart from vitamin supplements, certain minerals like zinc also play a key role in hair growth. A study suggests that a lower zinc concentration in the body prompted hair loss. On the other hand, Biotin supplementation has been clinically proven to help in hair growth.

  • Massage Your Scalp

  • Standardized hair massage has been clinically proven to stimulate hair growth and relieve stress and headaches. Scalp massages dilate the blood vessels located under your scalp. This makes them pump more oxygen and nutrition in your hair, which provides added strength to your hair and prevents hair fall. 

    You can do your own hair massage at home by using natural hair oil. Simply massage your hair roots with an excellent natural hair oil for 7-10 minutes and leave it for a good 2-3 hours. Wash it with a mild shampoo and experience great hair in no time.

  • Avoid Chemical Products

  • The recent styling trends like hair coloring or styling are putting too many chemicals in your hair. All these chemicals get absorbed by your hair follicles, leading to the weakening of the hair roots. 

    To avoid stressing your hair roots with chemicals, use natural shampoo and conditioners that do not contain toxic chemicals like parabens and sulfates. When your hair gets nutritive substances instead of chemicals, it grows to be naturally beautiful.

    1. Eliminate Heat Styling 

    The heat from curling rods, straighteners, and blow dryers is one of the top reasons for women's hair damage. If you cannot eliminate these styling tools from your life, at least limit their usage to a few times a week.

    Alternatively, you can start using heat protectant products on your hair before using styling tools that use heat. Lowering the temperature of these products is also an excellent idea to decrease the damage they cause.

  • Best Natural Ingredients For Hair Growth

  • Hair loss could be due to poor nutrition, overuse of chemical products, or an illness. The below-mentioned natural ingredients can help give external nutrition to your hair which will ultimately lead to hair growth.

  • Coconut Oil

  • Coconut oil is hydrophobic, which means that it repels water. This makes it perfect for protecting the hair shafts from frequent wetting and heat. Coconut oil also prevents the loss of protein from your hair.

    Use natural coconut oil for a head massage once a week, and you will start feeling the difference in your hair texture. Your hair will become more silky and shiny.

  • Biotin

  • This is known as Vitamin B7. it is found naturally in eggs, milk, and bananas. A deficiency of vitamin B7 causes hair thinning and other skin-related ailments. A shampoo rich in biotin can help you get thicker, longer hair.

    Biotin supplements are also available in the market and can be consumed on a doctor’s recommendation. Research has also proved that biotin supplements can help you re-grow your hair.

  • Rice Water

  • It's time to say goodbye to frizzy, dull hair. With rice water as part of your hair care routine, you can get strong, healthy growing hair in a natural way. Rice water contains essential amino acids and proteins that make your hair stronger and also promote hair thickening.

    Studies have found that inositol found in rice can penetrate the damaged, dull hair and repair it. To use rice water for your hair, simply soak some rice in tap water overnight and pour it over your clean, conditioned hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.

  • Amla

  • Amla contains Vitamin C, which is said to purify the blood. This helps in delaying the greying of hair. It also has anti-fungal properties, which makes it a perfect hair cleanser. It cleans your scalp by removing dandruff, dead skin cells, and sweat. This helps to preserve the health of your scalp, which ultimately leads to better hair growth.

  • Bhringraj

  • This time tested Indian herb is used to ward off hair dryness. It increases blood circulation in the scalp, which promotes the flow of nutrients in the roots of the hair. This helps the hair receive more nourishment that aids in its healthy growth.

  • Shikakai

  • Shikakai is a natural hair cleanser. It cleans your scalp to remove dandruff and other impurities. It helps to strengthen your hair roots and nourishes your scalp to make the roots of your hair stronger. Shikakai also helps in detangling your frizzy hair. 

    To use Shikakai, mix a sufficient amount of it in coconut oil, apply it like a hair mask for 20 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo, and condition it to get shiny, healthy hair.

    Product Recommendation:

    Use Cosmic Sutra Hair Oil from Nourish Mantra. This oil has ayurvedic ingredients like bhringraj, ashwagandha, and hemp seed oil. These natural ingredients help strengthen your hair from roots and add shine to your hair. It is also very therapeutic and helps relieve stress.

    To Conclude

    There are no magical formulas for hair growth. But it would be smarter not to slather your scalp with products rich in harmful chemicals. The growth of your hair also depends on your genetic code, diet, and many other reasons that may or may not be in your control.

    Natural ingredients can help grow your hair, but we recommend you see a doctor if you suffer from massive hair loss. For best results, try to associate more with haircare brands that use cleaner, plant-based ingredients.