5 Biggest Skincare Mistakes: Fix Them For Effective Results.

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Many of you might wonder how to improve your skin naturally. But natural face care is more than your home remedies and DIYs. Most people miss out on the basic natural skincare facts:  

  1. Studying your skin concerns closely. 
  2. Identifying toxins and tonics for your skin. 
  3. Research on natural skincare ingredients according to your skin type, skin concern, and weather conditions in your area. 
  4. Skincare steps. (And following them daily).  

This is not just about breaking old habits. It is more than switching to a natural face serum or an organic face moisturizer. It is about gathering knowledge on the wrongs and rights for your skin and what you should be doing to make it work for you. For example, you must enjoy hot showers on windy days and winters. However, this isn’t healthy for your skin!  

So, check if you are making any of these common skincare mistakes, and we’ll help you rectify them. 

  1. Do you depend on face wipes? 

It’s heartbreaking to know that convenience isn’t always fruitful. Face wipes are handy and satisfying, but depending heavily on them isn’t ideal. This is because face wipes can clean surface dirt and makeup, but not your skin pores. Makeup wipes are very harsh, and they can roughen up your skin, making it more vulnerable to skin issues. 


  • Use non-toxic makeup wipes only during emergencies.
  • Natural face cleansers are best to remove makeup, especially clay cleansers. Exotic substances like Moroccan Lava Clay and Fuller’s Earth give a perfect cleanse when mixed with solutions like Activated charcoal, Vitamin E and Niacinamide.
  1. There is a connection between oiliness and dryness.

If your skin is oily and you think it doesn’t need moisturization, you are making a big mistake. You may have naturally oily skin, but there is another reason for that- Dehydration. It means your skin lacks water content, not oil. Dehydration results in dryness, and to improve dry skin, your face starts producing extra oil (sebum) because it cannot produce water. Skin cells can only produce oil and sweat. 


  • You need to balance your skin’s oil production and hydrate it thoroughly.
  • Holy Basil and Neem (Indian Lilac) are some of the most powerful purifying ingredients. Mixing them with Fuller’s Earth and Bentonite clay results in a perfect oil control solution. Use a natural mud mask made with all these ingredients. It will soak excess oil and purify the pores.  
  • After you have cleansed your face, do not forget to moisturize it. The whole problem is the lack of moisture. You can try a Vegan or an Organic Face Moisturizer. The difference between the two is, organic may contain animal extracts, but vegan is purely based on herb and plant extracts. Use a very lightweight moisturizing cream having Okra, Allantoin, and Shea Butter. Make sure that it absorbs inside your skin without making it greasy.  
  1. Do you follow DIYs and home remedies?

If your well-wishers advise you on natural skincare using raw foods, be ready to get your facts straight. Skincare is not about one size fits all. It is a mistake to blindly follow the same home remedies as your friends or mom. Directly rubbing a lemon on your face may cause irritation and burning. Mixing baking soda with your face mask can cause extreme dryness. Scrubbing with sugar crystals can tear your skin and make way for many skin problems.


  • Understand your skin type and concern before creating any natural face care solutions.
  • Forget about celebrity endorsements and advertisements. Before buying natural skincare products, study the ingredients and understand the brand values. It affects product quality and effectiveness to a considerable extent.
  • Use Natural face serums filled with multiple fruits extracts. AHAs and BHA are ideal for tackling many skin concerns. Choose serums according to your skin type, problem, and local weather condition.
  1. Apply your products in the right order.

Skincare products are applied in this order: thinnest to the thickest. Each face care product is used uniquely. Mistakes in the application order and manner lead to wastage and reduced effectiveness. 

Quick tips:

  • Throughout your damp face, dot your natural face serum using a dropper and massage in circular motions till it gets absorbed.
  • Do take out a small quantity of nourishing cream in your palm and massage it in upward directions. (Avoid greasy and heavy-textured creams.)
  • Pour a few drops of facial oil onto your palm, apply dots throughout your face using fingertips, and massage gently in circular motions.
  • Apply your mud mask carefully, covering the whole face and neck. After it dries completely, rinse it off using lukewarm water.
  1. Do not forget your neck. 

If your idea of natural skincare does not include your neck, you might regret it soon. Your neck has thinner and softer skin than your face. It also needs enough care as it can age faster than the other parts of your body. You may see skin sagging, wrinkles, and discoloration earlier on your neck. 

Fix: You don’t need different products for your neck. Your SPF moisturizing lotion and a nourishing night cream will do the trick.

Remember: Applying too many products and too much is also a mistake. Follow your natural skincare routine twice a day. Start by cleansing your face, moving on to a serum (for toning) and an SPF moisturizer (during the daytime) or a nourishing cream (at night). Use mud masks weekly. 

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