Understanding Tri-Doshas

In Ayurveda, the concept of Doshas, namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, explain the fundamental energies that govern the functioning of the human body on the physical and emotional levels. These energies, in turn, are tied to the five basic elements found in the universe – space, air, fire, water and earth. Each of these Doshas is a combination of the elements, and in a balanced state, contributes to a healthy body and mind.


Vata Physical Characteristics

The elements of air and space make up Vata, characterized by lightness, movements, dryness, and coldness. A Vata- predominant body can be distinguished by thin bones, a lean structure, and dry skin and hair.

Vata Emotional Characteristics

Quick movements and speech, a talkative nature, and an enthusiastic self that is constantly seeking newness are also characteristics that define people with this Dosha.

Vata imbalance issues

In an unbalanced state, Vata Dosha manifests as pain and weak body parts and digestive disorders while affecting emotional well-being through sleep troubles, confusion, fear, worry, and anxiety.


Pitta Physical Characteristics

Fire and water are the characterizing elements of Pitta, known for its qualities of heat, volatility, and oiliness. People with a Pitta nature often tend to have warmer bodies with pronounced muscles, sparkly eyes, and distinctive features.

Pitta Emotional Characteristics

Known for their razor-sharp focus, competitive, courageous nature, Pitta-prone people tend to turn intense when troubled, harbouring emotions like hatred, and anger.

Pitta imbalance issues

In the body, an imbalance of Pitta leads to infections, particularly of the blood, and inflammation that causes excessive body heat, redness, or a burning sensation.


Kapha Physical Characteristics

Kapha is composed of the elements of water and earth and characterized by moistness, tenderness, and softness. Those with Kapha predominance find themselves with heavy bones and supple, sheen skin.

Kapha Emotional Characteristics

Their personalities are stable, conservative, and well able to manage stress aptly while seeking comfort in the status quo.

Kapha imbalance issues

When out of balance, Kapha Dosha causes them to turn lethargic, lacking motivation, and depressed. In the body, excessive Kapha results in weight gain, accumulation of mucus, edema, and diseases of the lungs.