Conscious Collection

Our Conscious Collection uses planet-friendly packaging with aluminium, glass or post-consumer recycled plastic. The new sustainable packaging will help consumers recycle their product packaging instead of letting it choke a landfill.

This is a significant positive step in the brand’s endeavour to reduce plastic waste and the entire packaging is completely plastic neutral.

As part of their new Conscious Collection, the aluminium packaging will be available for two of our new products - Cinnamon & Hemp Divya Body Oil & Cosmic Sutra Hair Oil. Unlike plastic, aluminium is infinitely recyclable and has a considerably low environmental impact. It can be melted and reused without any change in its natural properties. Aluminium is also light weight making it easy to carry, has insulating properties, and is flexible enough to be customized as per needs. If there is any use of plastics, it will be post-consumer recycled or against collection credits which helps build a circular economy for plastics