Why, as a skincare brand, we love Mindfulness Meditation?

Nourish Mantra

Warm greetings to you,

Today we are writing about something very close to our heart, which is also the foundation of our brand. Simple yet profound: ‘When you look good, you feel good. Now, what does this mean, and how did we discover this connection between our mind, body, and soul? If you’ve reached here while exploring clean formulations like natural skincare products or ayurvedic beauty products, you are going to love what we are sharing today. 

Vipassana or Mindfulness Meditation

Vipassana is an ancient Indian technique of concentration that originated during the Vedic era around 5000 years ago. It involves calming and balancing your mind and body. There are different forms of meditation, and Vipassana is one of them. Gautam Buddha popularized it as a universal remedy for the ills of mind and body. Meaning ‘To see things as they are,’ Vipassana involves concentrating on the physical sensations within your body and understanding its connection with your mind. The central objective is to make you see your true self and transform yourself by filling you with love, compassion, clarity, and self-control. Since you are into natural skincare products and Ayurvedic beauty products, you would love to add some meditation to your routine. 

Pro tip (Backed by specialists): Before meditation, if you get ahead, massage with a natural or organic hair oil that suits your hair and scalp; you can concentrate better. 


  • Mindfulness: It’s our essential ability to be completely present and aware of our actions, the space we are in, and balance our reactions. Vipassana enhances this ability, improving our presence of mind, reflex actions, and emotional response. 

  • Stress relief: Meditation soothes your headache and stressed mind. Mindfulness and similar meditation techniques help improve deeper stress factors attached to your confidence level, self-image, reputation, relationships, etc. With this, you can become happier and more content.

  • Response: When you know everything about yourself and gain self-control, you can more calmly and effectively deal with the outside world. You gain a sense of clarity and get a direction. Your resilience is improved, and you can easily tackle daily obstacles, making you more satisfied. 

  • Concentration: Concentrating on what’s going on around you and what you are doing will help you a lot in your personal and professional sphere. 

  • Happiness: When your well-being hormone or happy hormone ‘Dopamine’ is released, the blood flow to your skin increases, and you develop a natural glow on your face. More dopamine means healthier skin and hair. Being focussed on living in the present, Mindfulness Meditation helps you enjoy the present moment and not stress about the past and future. 


  • What if you eat right, but it doesn’t reach every part of your body? It means that your metabolism isn’t healthy. Vipassana or Mindfulness Meditation helps improve your self-control, focus, hormonal balance, and blood circulation, all playing their part in setting your meal goals and improving your metabolism. When your body’s metabolism is healthy, your skin and hair get most of the nutrition you eat. 

  • Breathing has a lot to do with the removal of toxins. Physiologically, our body can release 70% of toxins through breathing, but it is only possible with fresh and deep breathing. Practising Vipassana can help us in healthy breathing. The release of toxins rids our skin and hair from bacteria and other impurities. It lets our skin cells and hair follicles breathe more and grow healthier.



  • Future: It becomes an easy task to plan your future with clarity, direction, and focus. Your planning becomes more effective when you can see things as they are. 

  • Lifestyle: When you know what to do and how to do it, you win the game. You can also achieve heights with improved self-confidence, self-acceptance, determination, and health. All of this helps improve your personal and professional life, leading to an upgraded quality of living, and you eventually start taking better care of yourself.

Mindfulness for natural skincare: 

Ultimately, what happens to your skin and hair when you meditate?

  • Hair roots grow stronger, and the scalp becomes healthier.
  • A natural skincare routine becomes more effective. 
  • You can expect reduced acne and inflammation.
  • A naturally healthy and glowing face.

When we explored the world of Mindfulness and started with our self-care journey, we loved it and how it has helped us on our self-care journey. We understand how beauty is not just superficial but holistic. Mindfulness has enabled us to see the genuine connection between our body, mind, and soul. Try this holistic approach for yourself. You can also share your thoughts with us.

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