Sleeping Masks and Moisturizers: Is one better than the other?

Nourish Mantra

Skincare and wellness experts insist on following a night-time skincare routine. An entire day of being exposed to dust, pollution, UV rays, and using makeup can damage your skin if it is not immediately taken care of. The good news is that your skin can regenerate and repair itself while you sleep (it is called beauty sleep for a reason). First, however, we must aid the skin with face care products such as a natural face cleanser, anti-aging cream, and, more importantly, good quality night cream and a natural moisturizer for dry skin.

While we do not compromise on selecting natural products for skin, we must be careful of being misled about their uses. One such controversy in recent times is around sleeping masks and moisturizers/night creams. Are they the same? Is one better than the other? How do you use them? We have answered these questions in this blog.


Before we get to that, let us see what sleeping masks and moisturizers are-

A moisturizer or a night cream, as the name suggests, is your daily dose of hydration and moisturization for the skin. They are formulated in a way that aids your cell's regeneration process during the night. Being creamy, they are great for dry skin to be replenished.

A sleeping mask, on the other hand, is a superfood for your skin and helps with that extra dose of antioxidants and nutrients to moisturize your skin, repair, and nourish it deeply. In addition, sleeping masks are often customized to skincare needs, making them all the more important for your skincare. What differentiates them from regular face masks is that they have a light creamy or gel texture, making them easier to absorb as you leave them on your skin overnight. 

Is one better than the other?

The answer is no! They both serve different purposes, and we must include them both in our skincare wellness routine. If a moisturizer is to be considered your regular water, then a sleeping mask is a cup of green tea that offers thorough detox and other added benefits. None can be replaced by the other. 

Can I use them every day?

The answer, surprisingly, is again a no! While it is true that a sleeping mask offers deeper nourishment and hydration than a moisturizer, the former is of high potency. Using it every day can do worse than good. Just like how you do not apply a face mask every day, you do not use a sleeping mask every night. It can be used 2-3 times a week or the night before a big day, so you wake up to fresh and glowing skin. 

How do I use them?

A moisturizer or a night cream must be used daily. Apply the required amount all over your face after washing it with a natural face cleanser and hit the bed! Always use your sleeping mask over all other face products. Massage it well and leave it overnight.