Skin Nourishing Ingredients to Look for in Dry Skincare Products

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Skin Nourishing Ingredients to Look for in Dry Skincare Products

Winter is at the doorstep and the harsh cold winds will roll in. The weather will be pleasing to layer some alluring & cozy outfits. But this chilly atmosphere can hang on to winter skin woes like dry, flaky, itchy rashes and peeled skin.

It is better to put a stop to all these skin issues by noticing and treating the first & foremost winter skin concern, i.e., Dry Skin.

Winter hits hard sometimes and makes your skin parched, tight and uncomfortable. These are the symptoms of dry winter skin. It may look dull with flakes and uneven texture.

Deliver something straight to the skin that moisturizes it so well that everyone turns their head to catch a glimpse of your healthy-looking glow.  A well moisturized skin has a smooth & soft texture. Let's look at  the best ingredients for dry sensitive skin which will replenish it with requisite moisturization & hydration.

What ingredients are good for dry skin?

  1. Hyaluronic Acid

A hot-selling and one of the best skin care ingredients for dry skin that kicks off all the winter skin woes. The skincare industry has made this super hydrating ingredient the talk of the town. It forms naturally in our body, but with growing age & lifestyle changes, it begins to deplete. Using topically, hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin so well that you'll notice  an unbeatable dewiness and plumpness. It penetrates deeply into the skin and diminishes fine lines & wrinkles. It also softens the skin and minimizes breakouts from clogged pores. This ingredient has the potential to be 1,000 times its weight in water. This trendy moisturizing ingredient will polish up rough skin, boost elasticity, and fade wrinkles.

  1. Squalane

One of the active ingredients for dry skin, its presence is found in sebum produced by the human body . As you age, the formation of squalane slows down, which is also the reason  your skin becomes drier. Check squalane in your product label, as it has the power of antioxidants to help keep the skin supple, youthful and hydrated. It turns down fine lines & wrinkles. This magic bullet ingredient is a lightweight moisturizer that makes your skin supple, luminous & hydrated. It is more like your skin's oil; it provides the right amount of moisture that maintains the equilibrium of moisture on the skin. It is also a non-comedogenic ingredient that makes  it a perfect suitable  for all skin types.

  1. Glycerin

A colorless & odorless humectant which is a widely used skincare ingredient used by beauty brands, especially to moisturize your dry skin. It is considered one of the good ingredients for dry skin; it holds moisture within the cells to keep them hydrated. It's an excellent ingredient that aids in healing wounds & soothes inflammation.

  1. Ceramides

Ceramides are a skin-soothing ingredient. It is one of the many best ingredients for dry skin that makes a barrier to prevent permeability. One interesting fact is that ceramides are found in the skin itself. They create a barrier to restrain transepidermal water loss. Adding ceramides to your skin care regimen will work exceptionally well for your skin. It has the potential to keep the hydration intact. It helps to add suppleness,  reduces inflammation & irritation.

  1. Coconut Oil

Nature's best moisturizer and emollient have triglycerides that make the skin smooth, healthy and hydrated. This oil is certified to treat people suffering from eczema. This elixir is one of the skincare ingredients for dry skin that treats skin disorders like psoriasis, contact dermatitis etc.


  1. Lactic Acid

A natural active ingredient that soothes dry skin. It is also known as alpha hydroxy acid, a powerful humectant. It has remarkable properties of exfoliating the skin gently & enhancing the skin's natural moisture factor. It can keep the skin hydration level in check over time by keeping the skin's moisture barrier intact and minimizing the transepidermal water loss. Hence, it rejuvenates the skin's dullness & dryness.

  1. Shea Butter

Shea butter is a boon for dry skin. It gives a powerful punch of moisturization to your dry & dehydrated skin. It has emollient properties that successfully trap the moisture in the skin and make it appear softer, hydrated and plumper. It coats the skin in healthy oils to retain the moisture for a long time and keeps the skin smooth & hydrated.

  1. Cucumber Extract

A refreshing ingredient promotes the shedding of dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin. It gently sloughs away the dry & damaged skin. Its emollient properties will prevent skin dryness. It fills hydration in your skin to breathe with its high amount of water. The righteousness of its anti-inflammatory properties heals the inflamed & irritated skin.

Beneficial tips for your dry skin

tips for dry skin

  • Choose makeup remover wisely
  • Avoid makeup removers with astringent and alcohol, as they can cause excessive dryness. It can dry skin even more than do any good. Go for a makeup remover that doesn't dry out skin, itchiness, irritation, inflammation or redness. Instead, go for cleansing balms or micellar water as they have a good amount of glycerin that moisturizes the skin & balances the optimum level of hydration. The surfactant is mild and causes less irritation to the skin.

  • Using correct cleanser
  • Blindly picking any cleanser or face wash can harm your skin by stripping off its natural moisture. The ones who are suffering from dry skin conditions should use nourishing formulas that are based on moisturizing skin dryness. Therefore, look out for ingredients like glycerin, ceramides and hyaluronic acid. These good skincare ingredients for dry skin will retain moisture in them.

  • Exfoliation is must
  • Are you avoiding regular exfoliation?. Healthy exfoliation is a must as it sloughs away the pile-up of dead skin cells on your skin. This process will give you smoother, healthier and glowing skin than before. Keep an ideal interval between the exfoliation sessions. Start by exfoliating once a week and see how your skin responds. Look  for the scrubs or exfoliators having lactic acid or glycolic acid, ingredients for dry skin that holds on to the moisture in the skin & enhances the absorption strength of other skincare products.

  • Face masking isn't a bad choice
  • Till now, you must have understood that to prevent skin dryness, it should be adequately hydrated. Face masks that are best for dry skin types are augmented with hydra ionized water penetrating deeper into the skin and strengthening the skin barrier. It makes you feel hydrated & replenished. Face masks supply the skin vitamins & minerals to maintain the skin tone and texture. It boosts the collagen in the skin, preserves elasticity, and removes dryness.

  • Add to cart long-lasting moisturizer
  • Dry skin woes can get settled by using a moisturizer that feeds the skin with hydration all day long & prevents environmental damage that harms the skin. Look out for a moisturizer that stays for a long time rather than moisturizing all the time. Check the ingredient list, if it has hyaluronic acid, shea butter or coconut milk for an intense & long-lasting moisturizing effect or not.

  • Give some extra care :
    • Stop hot water baths and showers
    • Apply moisturizer immediately after cleansing
    • Keep handy a non-greasy cream to relieve your dry hands
    • Wear a lip balm
    • Use fragrance-free skin care products
    • Choose non-irritating laundry detergent

    Ingredients to avoid if you have dry skin

    1. Alcohol
    • Makes skin extremely dry
    • May lead to skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis & rosacea
    • Don't go for the products that have SD alcohol, isopropyl alcohol & denatured alcohol

    1. Fragrances
    • Irritates dry skin
    • May lead to eczema

    1. Benzoyl Peroxide
    • Makes skin quite dry
    • Avoid self-diagnosis and take an appointment from dermatologist to prevent redness, peeling and itching

    1. Parabens
    • May cause irritation & allergies
    • Some parabens are very harmful to the skin

    What Nourish Mantra offers you for dry skin?

    Nourish Mantra offers you a Cucumber Mint Upvan Facial Cleanser, Vetiver and Lavender Upayas Hand Lotion, Orange & Saffron Ananda Glow Mask, Mystic Indian Rose Body Lotion, Soft Nirvana Body Lotion and Cinnamon Divya Body Oil that have the potential to beat dry skin woes in all season. These skincare products have the best ingredients for dry sensitive skin like hyaluronic acid, cucumber extracts, shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil etc. Dry skin can get worse if not treated on time. It may lead to flakiness, scaliness and cracks that end up causing bleeding and other skin issues. Our range of products offer utmost care & attention to keep your skin healthy, hydrated, moisturized and glowing.


    Q. Why is moisturizing your skin so important?

    Ans. Moisturizing skin is essential for all skin types; if you have dry skin, you can't forget to moisturize. It makes your skin hydrated and plumpy. Dry skin types should use heavy cream or lotions to fulfill their skin requirements.

    Q. What are the characteristics of dry skin?

    Ans. You will experience scratchy, flaky and dryness all over your face and some areas like arms, legs and hands. Your skin complexions will look dull & pale. Dryness comes over due to less production of sebum.

    Q. What diseases are associated with dry skin?

    Ans. Dry skin can worsen your skin condition if not treated at any time. Diseases like atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis, perioral dermatitis, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis can be harmful and dangerous for your help.