Six Skincare Myths That You Need to be Aware Of!

Nourish Mantra

Everyone wants to flaunt that Insta-worthy, picture-perfect skin, and to achieve that, we often indulge ourselves in the best body care products. In our quest to find the perfect combination of natural products for skin, we leave no stone unturned. We spend hours researching the same before we buy organic skincare products, thereby being exposed to a ton of information on beauty and wellness. 

However, not everything we read is a hundred percent accurate. There are many skin care myths doing rounds on the internet that not only stop you from reaping maximum benefits from your ayurvedic skincare products but may also do more harm than good to your skin. 



We have debunked some such myths here for you!

Myth: You must use hot water to wash your face

"Hot water opens your pores" is a commonly heard beauty, health, and wellness tip. However, this is far from true! Using steaming hot water on your skin may shock it, and your skin cells will be damaged due to the heat. Instead, you can use luke-warm water or steam to ready your pores before using facial care beauty products.

Myth: Acne will be cured if you do not touch your face

While it is true that the bacteria accumulated in your nails can harm your skin, touching your face isn't solely responsible for skin breakouts. Excess sebum production, clogged pores, and dirt are the major causes of acne. It is, however, a healthy practice to wash your hands regularly.

Myth: You must wash your face regularly

We cannot stress enough how harmful it is to wash your face more than required. When you use face washes and cleansers on your skin more times than needed, you are essentially stripping your skin of its natural oils, which in turn leaves it dull and dry. Instead, you can wash your face with plain water or use wet wipes to get rid of any dirt during the day.

Myth: Tanning is good for the skin

Who does not love a nicely tanned skin? Our skin does require Vitamin D from the sun. However, being directly exposed to harmful UV rays for a long time or at regular intervals increases the chances of skin cancer. Anything in excess is not ideal for your skincare and wellness. 

Myth: Dermatologists are a luxury

We find all the information we want on the internet. However, it is not tailor-made for us! That is when dermatologists come to the rescue. They observe your skin, determine your skin type and recommend products that are best suited for you. A first-hand expert's advice is always better than generalized information on the internet. 

Myth: Anti-aging products are for older women

Experts believe that one must start using anti-aging products in their mid-20s. This is because your skin starts aging when you are around 25 years old. However, the effect is seen post 30! It is, therefore, important that one aids the skin in fighting wrinkles and fine lines at an early age.