Natural Body Lotion: Why is it Essential for Your Skin

Nourish Mantra

Just like your body, your delicate skin cells are always thirsty for nutrients and moisturization. Winters or not, you need to keep your skin nourished, and it is possible with the right body lotion and hand lotion. It is the easiest and most powerful way to maintain soft, youthful, and glowing skin. Let's understand all about it.  

  • Why do you need moisturization?  
  • Why do you need natural nutrition?  
  • What about the best organic body lotion?  
  • Why should you be concerned about unnatural products?  
  • Why do you need a hand lotion?  
  • What is the Best natural body lotion?  

Let's set some basics right before we get down to the benefits of a natural or organic body lotion.  

Why do you need moisturization?  

There is just a straightforward answer- to maintain the health and wellness of your body, skin, and mind. Your body and mind are deeply connected. Won't you be happy when you are healthy and your skin reflects it? You can easily spot clean and moisturized skin. It looks full of life, feels silky soft, and reflects natural radiance. With the best natural body lotion and hand lotion, you can replenish your skin rightfully.  

Why do you need natural nutrition?  

You must be aware that vitamins and minerals are the building blocks of the human body. These natural nutrients ensure that your skin and body remain healthy and free from deficiencies. So, don't you think using the best natural body lotion rich in such nutrients and powerful herbs can be beneficial for filling the void of nutrition in your skin? Without one, your skin may lack enough nourishment. Skin absorbs every molecule that's small enough to penetrate, including pollutants and the ingredients of your skincare products. Your body can accumulate many toxins, leading to health hazards, and your skin can become dry, dehydrated, and dull.   

What about the best organic body lotion?  

Let's make it easy for you.   

All-natural products are further divided into organic, vegan, and Ayurvedic. Ayurvedic formulations are based on the ancient Indian Vedic wisdom containing flora and fauna from India and the neighboring lands. Vegan products contain only plant-based ingredients, and organic products are based on plants and animals. It means that the best organic body lotion is also a natural one, and it will be free from any DNA injections and fertilizers.  

Why not go with synthetic or Unnatural products?  

Unnatural body lotions or synthetic body lotions are made with many toxic formulations or putting it in other words, such lotions have got:  

  • Skin-drying ingredients like excessive alcohol, synthetic color, and perfume.  
  • Endocrine disruptors like formaldehyde, phthalates, and parabens.   
  • Ingredients that can soften the surface of your skin, ignoring the inner layers.  
  • Claiming to be natural, with a negligible amount of natural ingredients.  

Good moisturization means your skin remains nourished from within at all times.  

Now let's discuss the natural body lotions.  

We will take one example to analyze the ingredients that make it one of the best natural body lotions.   

Analyzing: Mystic Indian Rose Body Lotion  

This nature-backed scientific formulation is curated to give your skin the best as per modern living. A few reasons to support this product are:  

  • Ayurvedic ingredients heal your skin from Ashwagandha, Moringa, Gotu Kola.  
  • Excellent natural ingredients that hydrate, soften and protect your skin: Coconut oil and Shea butter.  
  • Vitamin E: A live-giving nutrient that prevents UV damage and skin aging for rejuvenated, youthful skin.  
  • Mesmerizing natural aroma to soothe your senses: Native Indian Rose Flower  
  • Suitable for all skin types.  

Now, you can be the judge: Long-lasting natural nourishment or chemical-laden surface softeners?   

You've got this one right. However, one more question remains. Is it necessary to use a natural or organic hand lotion?  

Why do you need a hand lotion?  

You must be wondering whether the body lotion would be enough. The answer is: A good body lotion can also work, but a hand lotion will act like a pro. Just like your face needs special care, so do your hands. The skin of your face and hands is in contact with everything, every time. The best natural or organic hand lotion would be the one that's made just for the skin of your hands. Some people even claim to tell your age just by looking at your hands. Go for a water-proof, deeply nourishing, healing solution like our Lavender and Vetiver hand lotion. Featured in the Vogue beauty festival, this lovely and caring hand lotion is a true handbag essential.  

Skin tells all about your self-care routine and overall health. That's why we believe that when you feel good, you look good! Moisturize your skin in all wonderful ways with the best natural body and hand lotion. Set your self-care ritual right, and see how you start glowing!