Metals For Natural Skin Care: Copper, Gold and Silver.

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Hi guys, here we are with another unique aspect of natural skin care- METALS.

Did you know that all the metals we are surrounded by, affect our skin in some or the other way? Metals like copper, silver and gold reap some fantastic benefits for our skin and overall health. Since ages, these metals have also been used by medical professionals and traditional healthcare systems for disease treatments and natural skin care practices.


Copper is the first-ever metal we discovered on Earth! And wait for it… that was 11,000 years ago! Copper is naturally present in our body and is vital to maintain and enhance the health of our body and mind.

Copper for overall health

Copper aids to enhance the health and development of various organs and improve their functioning. For example:

  • Maintaining healthy metabolism and skeletal structure.
  • Brain and nervous system functioning.
  • Growth and development of children.
  • May help to calm Arthritis pain and joint stiffness.
  • Balancing Thyroid activity.
  • Development of red blood cells.
  • Preventing anemia and iron deficiency.
  • Providing energy.

Copper for Skin and Hair

  • We need to have a balanced copper content in our bodies to maintain the natural pigment and texture of our skin, hair and eyes. This is because Copper helps to develop melanin, the pigment that gives color to our skin, hair and eyes.
  • Copper aids in maintaining our skin’s age and elasticity, by helping in the production of collagen and elastin. These two substances are responsible for our skin’s youthful look and flexibility. Copper is hence an amazing addition to our natural skin care rituals.
  • Copper also saves our hair from turning gray. It’s deficiency may even lead to gray hair and in some cases, hair loss.

How to consume Copper?

  • Vegetarian sources: Almond, Cashew nut, Hazelnut, Sunflower seed, Chickpeas, Spinach, Lentil, Avocado, Mushroom, Sundried Tomato.
  • Non-vegetarian sources: Salmon and Tuna fish, Oysters, Crab and Lobster.
  • Utensils: In the lifestyles of traditional Indian people, there is a part where they store water in copper containers, (‘Tamba Jal’ in Hindi) and start their day with a glass of copper water. Like all vedic practices, this Tamba Jal tradition also has a scientific reason. The water absorbs the copper ions and when we drink copper water, we absorb them too. This is a great way to enhance the overall health of our body and mind along with our natural skin care routine. Scientifically, you may drink upto 2 cups (1 glass) of copper water per day.


There is a reason why Gold has been a precious metal since ages and why everyone around the world desires it. It’s treated as a luxurious asset and symbolizes purity and beauty. Apart from being rare, Gold has a warm energy and soothing vibrations that aid in improving our body’s health. It’s even used in the preparation of vedic medicines and dental fixes.

Gold For Skin

Here is why Gold is a nice addition to your natural skin care routine. It helps to increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, blemishes, and dark spots. Gold also aids in fighting acne, inflammations and sun damage. The positively charged ions and warm energy of this precious metal gives out soothing vibrations. 

How to consume Gold?

  • Gold Ash: There are some ancient Ayurvedic preparations that are infused with pure Gold and exotic herbs. This form of gold is called ‘Swarna Bhasma’ (Gold Ash) and contains a wide range of health benefits and healing properties. 
  • Gold charged water: You can buy or prepare gold charged water on your own.
  • Gold jewellery: Wearing Gold jewellery helps to regulate body temperature and soothe hot flashes. It may also aid in optimum distribution of oxygen to our cells and increase energy levels.


Silver has powerful antimicrobial properties. Wearing silver jewellery enhances our natural skin care routine and helps you spot any health issues. Many people use silver for home diagnosis. For example, specialists explain that, if you have a problem with your endocrine system, your pure silver ring may darken. If your sodium level is high, your silver item may turn bluish. Amazing, right? All of this happens due to scientific reactions between silver ions and other substances present in our body. In ancient times, silver has even been used to treat cold, flu and body injuries. And for a long time, the medical world used surgical tools made from silver.

Silver for skin

Silver is good to treat pimples and skin wounds. It’s also a nice anti-aging element which helps in the production of collagen. 

How to boost your natural skin care routine with silver?

  • Wearing pure silver Jewellery. 
  • Applying natural skin care products infused with pure silver.
  • Eating food in silverware.

Zinc, copper and magnesium are also good for the health of our skin and body. But before trying any new natural skin care element, ensure that you are not allergic to it. The easiest of them all is to drink water stored in a copper bottle, first thing in the morning. You can also prepare your green tea in copper water.

To know more about such amazing natural skin care tips, join our holistic beauty and wellness circle. You can also share your own tricks and experiences.