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To all the skincare devotees who long for the best anti-aging night cream and serum, you're about to unearth those gems.   

Right after you've lived 25 blissful years of your life, you can expect those wrinkles, dull skin, and age spots crawling up to you. In such cases, you can't just grab a regular anti-aging cream and wait for the magic to happen sometime soon. The right beauty potions will find a way to you only when you look for them with all your heart.   

Today, you will be discovering two such formulations brewed by mixing ancient wisdom and modern science. At Nourish Mantra, we bring to you: 'Urban Rani Youth Preserve Cream' and 'Youth Restoration Serum.'   

You need holistic skin tonics to restore healthy, youthful, and glowing skin. Explore our exemplary anti-aging potions and dive deep into the world of holistic beauty and wellness. These certified vegan solutions are known to work like magic and will rest your search for the best anti-aging serum and cream.   

Youth Restoration Serum  

If you have known a little about anti-aging serums, you would have known how they work with active ingredients, and if not, it's nothing to worry about. Anti-aging serums like the Youth Restoration Serum are filled with multiple natural ingredients that work splendidly to give you the best results gradually. Here is why we call such serums the best anti-aging serums:  

Smile because Youth Restoration serum is suitable for all skin types! This is one of the most loved elements of this serum.  

While talking about anti-aging, nobody can miss collagen- the protein responsible for the elasticity and hydration of your skin. As we age, collagen starts to diminish. But if you feed your skin with the proper nutrition, your body can produce more collagen. This can take you back to those youthful days, with firm, plump and baby-soft skin. Aging is natural, you can't stop it, but you can certainly delay it.   

If you've started to think that no such magical anti-aging product exists, let me ask you to hold that thought because the fact is... Yes, it does. Youth restoration serum has the power to resolve all such skin problems, and so we've been considering it as the best anti-aging serum that you will ever use.  

Now, every anti-aging serum talks just about retinol when it comes to collagen production. But our Youth Restoration Serum is one of a kind to blend ingredients like Retinol, Bakuchiol, and Hyaluronic acid with Ayurveda and plant-based nutrition. With such a powerful blend, the serum intensifies collagen production.  

How to use Youth Restoration Serum?  

Applying a serum is one of the simplest processes of the skincare regime. Best anti-aging serums have concentrated actives that work only when the sun goes down. So add this precious serum to your bedtime routine.  

Step 1: Wash your face thoroughly.  

Step 2: Don't let it dry. Serums are applied on a damp face.  

Step 3: Using the dropper, pour a few drops of serum onto your palm.  

Step 4: Rub your palms together and gently pat them throughout your face.  

Step 5: Wait for a few minutes. Let the serum absorb thoroughly into your skin and combat stubborn skin aging and fatigue signs.  

Then comes the next step of your anti-aging routine: Moisturization and protection. This task is carried out by a creamy formulation. Here comes the Urban Rani Youth Preserve Cream, with boosted anti-aging wonders.  

Urban Rani Youth Preserve Cream (Nicknamed YPC with love).  

While the serum does its work, it's time to shield your skin with a fortifying formula.  

Here is why we call it the best anti-aging night cream:  

  • Imagine a rich, glossy formula with a touch like cotton candy. Youth Preserve Cream is a silky cream that melts swiftly inside the skin.   
  • The significant causes of skin aging are the sun, pollution, screen light, and dryness! Enriched with rare, exotic, and luxurious ingredients, Youth Preserve Cream is one of the best anti-aging creams that can reach the deepest layers of your skin and effectively repair it from sun and pollution damage.  

How to use Urban Rani Youth Preserve Cream?  

A wonderful thing about this cream? You can add it to both skincare routines- morning and night. You can apply it at any time.  

Step 1: Take an appropriate amount on your palm.  

Step 2: Apply on your face and neck with fingertips.  

Step 3: Massage properly until it gets absorbed.  

While you are buried deep into your dreams, the cream will effortlessly infuse your skin with Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide, carotenoids, multivitamins, and exotic anti-aging herbs like Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola, and Moringa.  

One more reason to call it the best anti-aging night cream is its nourishing and protective powers. Shea butter and Cocoa butter become your skin's knight in shining armor. They form a protective layer on your skin and make it velvety soft and plump!  

After a few weeks, you will be amazed to see how your wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and pigmentation have reduced. These anti-aging potions offer a smooth, age-defying skin with a glow like never before!   

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