Does anti-pollution skincare work?

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We hope you are not reading this sitting in a herded place, suffering the wrath of air pollution! The damage to our body and skin is significant when you are in such a place.   


Have you ever wondered about all those anti-pollution skincare kits that are available to save you from such damage? Are you confused about adding those products to your skincare routine? Get ready to thank us for saving all your time because we are here to shed some light on how pollution harms the skin and if the anti-pollution products can save us!  



How does pollution harm the skin?  


The emission of harmful gases pollutes the air, and microscopic particles are called air pollutants.  


What are Air pollutants?  


  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs): Cooking (burning gas and oil), garbage, coal, and oil. Smoking (burning of tobacco).  


  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): These are chemicals found in the products used to construct and maintain our homes.   


  • Nitrogen and Carbon Oxides: Gases released by vehicles (fuel burning), agricultural products, and agricultural burning.   


  • Particulate Matter (PM): Particulate matter totals the hazardous solid and liquid molecules floating in the air. For example, pollen, dust, smoke, soot, and drops of liquids.  


  • Ozone in photochemical smog appears to speed up skin aging by depleting Vitamin E levels in the skin, interfering with wound-healing processes, and causing oxidative stress.  


How do air pollutants affect our skin?  


The idea of anti-pollution skincare is not a hoax. It’s a result of recent dermatological studies that state how hazardous molecules in the air can hurt us. These microscopic molecules enter our skin cells and mess with the skin-health, posing more significant threats to the body by leaving free radicles inside. A free radicle means a single atom that needs a partner atom. Free radicles are highly reactive and scavenge the body to find partner atoms. This scavenging causes chain reactions that harm the cells, proteins, and DNA in the human anatomy.  


According to the Center for disease control and prevention, these are the effects of air pollution on our skin.  


  • Premature skin aging.  
  • Sensitized, inflamed, or dull skin.  
  • Dark spots, blemishes, and clogged pores.  
  • Acne.  
  • Skin cancer and infections.  



Can anti-pollution kits save our skin?  


Kit, set, pack, range, call it anything; it all typically means a combination of anti-pollution skincare products that work together to fight the damage. If one product cleanses daily build-up, another product repairs or shields the skin. The National Library of health states that certain ingredients work well to repair and fight pollution damage.   



  1. Antioxidants: These are the must-haves of an anti-pollution set. Substances neutralize free radicles and break their chain reactions to avoid further damage. The most potent antioxidants are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Niacinamide, Ayurvedic herbs, BHAs, and flavonoids (a type of plant-based antioxidants).  


  • Apply an anti-pollution serum morning and night. Choose a lightweight formula filled with antioxidants.  


  1. Mild products: Use neither drying nor comedogenic (thick enough to block our skin pores) products. Ensure your skincare products maintain your skin’s natural oil and pH balance.  


  • Use a mild cleanser each time your face feels dusty or greasy. Go for purifying and refreshing ingredients like cucumber, mint, aloe vera.  


  1. SPF: Shield your skin with SPF. SPF products are perfect for protecting the skin from UV rays and pollution.  


  • Your face moisturizer and body lotion should be lightweight and infused with SPF ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.  


  1. Damage repair: According to dermatologists, the ideal time to address your skin concerns is just before you jump into bed.  


  • Cleanse your face and apply a night cream designed to repair pollution damage, skin fatigue, or premature aging because that is the best time to give your skin a time to heal.   


The CPR of your anti-pollution skincare routine is Cleanse, Protect and Repair. Stick to this tried-and-true routine, and you will win over those skin-damaging particles. Bottom line, anti-pollution skincare products can save your skin from pollution.