Do you know what is face oil and its benefits?

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Do you know what is face oil and its benefits?

When you want to moisturize and hydrate your face, you look for the best facial moisturizer or face serums to quench the skin's thirst. While both skincare products have their benefits to offer. Does applying oil on face cross your mind? However, most people are aware of the term 'face oil' but refrain from using it. Some need clarification on whether it will work for oily skin. Perhaps few think their skin doesn't need an extra dose of hydration. Facial oils are designed specifically for dry skin is a myth. It is helpful for every skin type and is a valuable part of daily skincare regimen. 

What is face oil?

Face oil functions as emollients and occlusives, where emollients add moisture and occlusives lock in moisture. Every face oil is a potion of essential nutrients & fatty acids that nourishes & revitalizes skin by strengthening & repairing the lip barrier within the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin). 

These face oils are plant-based, which is why they are rich in antioxidants. The power of antioxidants neutralizes free radicals & reverses the damage caused to the skin by harmful UV rays & environmental pollutants.

What is the benefit of facial oil?

Facial oil works along with your skin's natural oils to even out the complexion, seal in moisture and reduce the skin's natural sebum production. In addition, facial oil endows much more goodness on the skin.

The best natural oil for face is enriched with the goodness of fatty acids like linoleic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid and stearic acid. Facial oils deliver those most needed fundamental components that build & strengthen the protective barrier and skin's outer layer. The skin barrier buttresses cell walls, secures moisture in the skin and prevents water evaporation. 

Facial oils are augmented with the quintessential moisturizing vitamins like C & E. This superb skin care product is a skin-hydrating powerhouse. 

Here are 9 face oil benefits: 

• No more wrinkles

Exposure to harmful UV rays is a set-up for free radical damage, which means a lot of wrinkles & sunspots. Antioxidants are potent compounds in facial oil that fight free radical damage & oxidation. Oxidation comes from stress. Pollution and chemicals applied to the skin lead to early signs of aging. Applying face oil on the skin will treat sun damage, sun spots, dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines. It relies on the formula you choose as some face oils have a high dose of antioxidants, and some have less that works magically for the skin according to its concentration. 

• Relief from dry skin

Deeply cracked, flaky, peeling skin sucks the moisture straight from the skin. Face oil is the antidote to dry skin. It effectively moisturizes flaky & rough skin and rosy cheeks. It is one of the benefits of face oil on dry, windy and harsh days of the skin. Face oils are much more effective than standard OTC lotions & creams. It also works actively for skin flares like rosacea that flares during stress, making skin red, blotchy and inflamed. Look for oils like hemp seed, almond etc., that have an enormous amount of anti-inflammatory properties, omega-3 & fatty acids that reduce redness & inflammation. Applying face oil locks in hydrating ingredients that make skin likely to hold onto the added hydration & nourishment. 

• Protects the skin

Face oils are lipophilic, which means they penetrate deep into the skin, holding on water & other goodness that keeps the skin moisturized for longer while keeping toxins & other bad stuff out. These oils embattle and strengthen your skin's natural barrier. This is a wonderful elixir for big city occupants who need extra protection against pollutants & smog, a major source of wrinkles appearance. When the best natural oil for face is applied as the last step in the skincare regimen in the morning, it acts as a strong barrier for the outer layer of the skin. 

• A flawless base for the foundation

Face oil is the perfect primer for your makeup. It zips through the top of the skin quickly & settles comfortably into the areas that need hydration the most. It gives an immediate plumping effect and creates a perfect canvas for makeup. Oil for a face glow makes the skin smoother and better fixes the whole look gorgeously. 

• Shrinks the enlarged pores

The best natural oil for face pulls out grime & fats from the pores, making the pores visibly smaller and less noticeable. Look for only higher-end & supreme quality facial oil, not from the grocery store, as they can clog & puff the pores. Adding premium quality facial oil to your skincare routine will fight off skin conditions & hydrate the skin without congesting the pores. They are usually lightweight, do not clog pores & leave no greasy residue. 

• Tranquilizes rashes

The anti-inflammatory properties of facial oil stifle irritated skin. Oils like argan, yangu and geranium oils are ideal for calming down the irritation & reduces the redness from rosacea. 

• Zaps acne

Believe it or not. Some facial oils miraculously pretty darn the acne and frequent breakouts or pimples. It is a myth that oily & acne-prone skin can't use facial oils. It may sound counter-intuitive, but it's quite the opposite. Using facial oils for acne reaps long-term results. It may take longer initially as compared to other harsh topical products. It reduces inflammation, prevents excess oil production & kills acne-causing bacteria p.acnes. Choose a non-comedogenic facial oil like hemp seed and tea tree oil. 

• Cleanses the skin

A simpler, gentler and more effective way to cleanse the skin is by using a cleansing oil. These oils help in removing makeup, excess sebum & pore-clogging dirt. This method is suitable for all skin types and primarily benefits acne-prone & sensitive skin. It dissolves & removes excess oil & dirt without stripping the skin's natural oil. These oil cleanses put an end to dryness, tightness & increased fine lines & instead nourish the skin at the same time they cleanse it. 

• Imparts a healthy-looking glow

Facial oil for face glow makes dull & dry skin healthy & glowing. Your skin looks dull if you are not taking proper nutrition in meals & staying dehydrated. It may also happen because of a bad sleeping schedule or because you are not exfoliating much. Whatever the condition, using face oils will help restore moisture & deliver a healthy glow. 

Do you know the best facial oil for your skin type?

In facial oils, you can't apply a one size fits all approach to skincare as every skin is unique and has a different requirement. Therefore, knowing which face oil suits each skin type is necessary.

• Face oil for dry skin

The best facial oils for dry skin type are the ones that coat the skin & strengthen the skin barrier. It traps moisture in the skin & prevents water loss. By infiltrating the skin's surface, the following facial oils dive deeper into the skin layers & provide favorable hydration.

• Argan oil
• Squalene oil
• Grapeseed oil
• Rosehip oil

• Face oil for oily skin

Oily skin can reap wonderful benefits from face oils. Oily skin types may not probably think about facial oil. Surprisingly, these facial oils complement the skin's natural oils by balancing oil production.

• Tea tree oil
• Jojoba oil
• Marula oil
• Squalene oil

• Face oil for acne-prone skin

Many facial oils are incredibly effective in treating acne. These facial oils are anti-inflammatory & antibacterial. They reduce acne-related sebum production and keep toxins & bacteria at bay. 

• Tea tree oil
• Jojoba oil
• Squalene oil
• Evening primrose oil

• Face oils for combination skin

Face oils formulated for this skin type will help unclog pores, remove acne-causing bacteria, reduce oil production, and hydrate skin. 

• Grapeseed oil
• Jojoba oil
• Marula oil 
• Tea tree oil

• Face oils for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin types need extra care and pampering. Putting anything unfavorable for this skin type can lead to severe skin problems. Look for an oil that soothes this skin type and delivers the much needed nutrients to the skin.

• Rosehip oil
• Chamomile oil
• Sea Buckthorn oil
• Calendula oil
• Marula oil

How to apply face oils?

Proper application of facial oil is crucial to reap maximum benefits from your facial oil. The general rule in skincare is to layer the products in order of their consistency, beginning from the lightest and ending with the thickest. It is a good idea to pause for a minute between each layer of the product to allow it to penetrate fully. Since face oil is the densest product in the skincare routine & takes the longest time to absorb, apply last to the skin. 

Follow the steps while applying face oil:

1. Take a few drops of oil into a clean palm.
2. Rub your hands to warm the oil.
3. Pat oil into the skin and gently apply it on your face & neck. 

Finding the right facial oil for your skin will be like an extra hand to pamper and target multiple skin concerns at once. 

Do Nourish Mantra offer facial oil?

A bottle of skin elixir with the potent concoction of 8 luxurious oils- Hemp oil, sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, sahjan oil, jojoba seed oil, coconut oil and sea buckthorn oil. These oils make a magnificent tonic for your skin- Vedix Elixir Face Oil. It is a nutritive healing elixir which is 100% natural that nourishes, hydrates & delivers exceptional radiance to the skin. The regular application of this facial oil diminishes fine lines, age spots & signs of fatigue. It revives the skin & imparts a dewy glow to make it look youthful. 


How to incorporate face oil into your skin care routine?

To achieve utmost hydration, mix your facial oil into your favorite moisturizer and apply it to your face to lock in the water content. While you can use a face oil in your AM routine, consider reserving it for nighttime. 

Who should use facial oils?

Face oils are for everyone! All skin types & conditions can achieve benefits by indulging face oils in their skincare routine. You should know which oil to pick, the right combination of ingredients and know how to apply it.

When to apply facial oil?

You can apply face oil twice daily, in the morning and at night. The amount of facial oil used on the face depends on how concentrated your facial product is, apply 2 to 3 drops of oil is usually sufficient. After the oil is absorbed into the skin, you'll see a noticeable change, like radiant skin. You can also apply moisturizer to get additional hydration. 

Do facial oil clog pores?

The oils used on the face are usually dry, lightweight and absorb quickly. the chances of clogging pores are extremely low. The two major fatty acids used in facial oil are linoleic and oleic acid. Linoleic acid (an Omega 6) is a lightweight, thin, and easily absorbed essential fatty acid. Oleic acid (an Omega 9) is a bit thicker and feels richer. The ratio between the two is a major factor in determining the skin-feel, absorption rate, and whether it is suitable for oily or acne prone skin.

Which facial oils should you avoid?

Citrus oil, essential oils, eucalyptus oil, geranium oil, lavender oil and rose oil. 

When to use face oil before or after moisturizer?

When it comes down to science, using face oils before moisturizers is not correct. Face oils are the thickest or most occlusive ingredients in a regimen. Occlusives form a protective barrier on top of skin, and seal moisture in. So, in the debate of face oil before or after moisturizer, it’s important to remember that if you apply a moisturizer after a face oil, it won’t be able to perforate and as a result, will be less effective.

Moisturizers contain water, whereas oils do not. Water cannot penetrate through oil, therefore a moisturizer would not be able to fully absorb into skin if an oil is below it. Moisturizers are great for sealing serums on your skin, which can make them more efficient at keeping skin hydrated.