Do you know about pomegranate seed oil benefits for skin?

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Do you know about pomegranate seed oil benefits for skin?

Pomegranates have been everybody's favorite fruit. Even though it is hard to peel, its versatility can still be seen in various dishes & snacks. This stunning scarlet fruit is filled with juicy, succulent kernels. Its taste and unique beauty have so much to offer for your health & beauty well-being. 

This fruit of paradise is a power store of antioxidants and vitamin C. It is boosted with regenerative, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & anti-aging properties that make your skin bouncy & glowing.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Pomegranate was famed as the 'Fruit of Life', and the evidence of its existence is dated back to 4000 B.C. The pomegranate tree's origin is traced back to the Mediterranean region. These trees are nurtured throughout Iran, India, Southern Europe & USA, especially in drier climates. 

As mentioned in Ayurveda, it is a medicinal arsenal used for centuries to lower fever and also addresses diabetes in Greek medicine. To extract pomegranate oil for skin, ripe kernels are cold pressed to preserve enzyme quality, vitamins & nutrients. The final result is an odorless oil with a thin, fluid consistency and light weight. It may also appear a pale or slight amber hue. 

Role of pomegranate seed oil

Pomegranate seed oil benefits the skin by becoming a fantastic addition in the list of  moisturizing ingredients in the skincare industry. It has the potential to heal & moisturize the skin. It also takes care of the epidermis while deeply nourishing all the layers of the skin to maintain optimum moisture for a longer time.

Pomegranates boost a massive dose of antioxidants that fight free radicals & prevent overall skin damage. This oil restores the production of keratinocytes. These are the cells whose primary function is building & strengthening the skin barrier to prevent external damage. As a result, it increases new skin cell production & sheds away the old skin cells. 

The nutritional bonus of pomegranate seed oil 

Pomegranate seed oil benefits the skin with its rich nutrient profile. The oil has folate, fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals & omega fatty acids, which nourish the skin. It is high in antioxidants, vitamins C & K and is stocked with excellent fatty acids. 

They all work in multiple directions to give you healthy & flawless skin. It reduces swelling, increases collagen production, prevents signs of aging, makes skin soft, supple & radiant; soothes acne & reduces future breakouts; promotes moisture retention; relieves skin damage; tones & firms the skin; deeply cleanses the pores and balances oil production. 

11 Benefits of pomegranate seed oil

• Encourages healthy aging

The red pearls of pomegranate check almost all the boxes of healthy aging. There are many pathways that lead to healthy aging, like stimulating cell regeneration, evening skin tone, hydrating the skin, tight & taut skin, diminishing wrinkles & fine lines etc. It is one of the most prominent benefits of pomegranate seed oil as it is based on antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & moisturizing properties. It is that high-spirited anti-aging ingredient that boosts the production of collagen that promotes rapid cell turnover. The quick skin cells regenerate, the smoother, younger & healthier your skin will appear. 

The antioxidants like vitamin A or retinol and vitamin C or ascorbic acid aim to fight like warriors against free radicals while fading fine lines & wrinkles. A unique element in this superb fruit called punicic acid improves elasticity. It works efficiently against sun damage, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, under the eye, fine lines and wrinkles. 

• Have skin-preserving antioxidants

Pomegranate seed oil is an excellent source of antioxidants. These essential antioxidants include vitamin C, vitamin A, tannins, ellagic acid & anthocyanins. They serve as an ultimate blocker in free radical damage. 

• An optimum level of hydration

Pomegranate seed oil benefits the skin with the help of fatty acids in the oil that gain, balance & maintain skin hydration. These fatty acids assist in the growth & development of the skin barrier and build a roadblock to avoid losing the needed hydration. It penetrates the skin quickly and heals the dry, chapped & cracked skin. It can heal the skin suffering from eczema & psoriasis. This oil doesn't clog the pores, therefore, mitigating the risk of dirt & impurities accumulation in the cells. 

• Pro at calming inflammation

Pomegranate seed oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and has shown accord for reducing redness, itching, irritation or dry & flaky skin. It happens because of the high concentration of omega-6 fatty acids- linoleic, oleic & palmitic acid. Due to its unique & small molecular structure, the oil perforates the skin deeply & delivers intense hydration.

• Safeguards against sun damage

This superhero ingredient has sun-protective compounds that safeguard the skin against free radical damage, which is the primary factor of skin aging. The pomegranate-enriched product must be added to your skincare vanity as it has antioxidant polyphenol that is especially good for repairing free radical damage caused by excess exposure to Sun's UV/UVB radiation or pollutants. The high content of polyphenols, vitamins A, C & E and omega 3 fatty acids & amino acids makes the skin healthy & less vulnerable to damage from sun exposure, pollutant & environmental factors. It is an edge to SPF; understand it as a substitute for sunscreen. 

• Stimulates collagen production

As you age, the depletion of collagen levels in the skin makes you lose its firmness. The pomegranate seed oil skin benefits in the synthesis of collagen & elastin. It happens because of the oil's vitamin C content, which serves as an essential nutrient for collagen production. This vitamin is an integral part of the collagen synthesis process. It not only stimulates collagen production but also secures collagen. Collagen plays a major league in building skin structure & elasticity. Using pomegranate seed oil will bring overall firmness & elasticity. The nutrient supply of punicic & linoleic acids, along with vitamin C & other antioxidants, improves blood circulation & brightens up the skin. 

• With antimicrobial properties

Those with acne-prone skin can use pomegranate seed oil on their skin. This is because this oil creates a blockage for the bacteria that play a role in acne formation. This fabulous oil has two types of phenolic compounds- flavonoids & tannins. These compounds will effectively clean the residue or leftover makeup, dust & dirt & even gross viruses & bacteria. 

• For acne prone/ oily/ combination skin

Acne-prone skin can get maximum benefits of pomegranate seed oil as it has ellagic acid which has antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes the inflammation caused by formation of acne & heals any scarring that is visible on the skin's surface. It also has punicic acid that moisturizes the skin deeply without leaving behind any residue that can often upset acne-prone skin.

• For dry skin

Skin hydrating and healing pomegranate seed oil penetrates deeply into the skin and works for all skin types (but sometimes depends on its blend with different skincare ingredients). Since it goes quickly into the different layers of the skin and moisturizes the dry skin, it becomes the best ingredient for dry skin types. The punicic acid, omega 5 fatty acid together in this oil hydrates & prevents moisture loss. 

• Regenerates the skin cells

Pomegranate seed oil protects the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. It regenerates the skin cells in the epidermis & dermis, increases circulation, heals the skin, and aids in tissue repair & wound healing. 

• Radiant skin

As the collagen boosts with the help of pomegranate seed oil, it also levels up the skin's radiance. The ellagic acid in pomegranates works incredibly well to brighten your skin complexion. 

Benefits of pomegranate seed oil

Ways to use pomegranate seed oil for skin benefits

Here are some of the ways to incorporate this oil into your daily or weekly routine: 

1. In facial serum or oil

One of the best ways to get the benefits of pomegranate seed oil is to apply it directly on the skin via serum or oil. You can also add this oil to your makeup routine by using a few drops of it on the face & then dabbing it. You can also use this oil anywhere on the skin where you feel dryness. 

2. In body scrub

If you want to make a body scrub at home, then adding pomegranate seed oil is the best choice. The vitamins, minerals & antioxidants in this oil will nourish & soothe your skin. Just add a few drops of this oil to your scrub & exfoliate all over. The existence of antimicrobial properties will cleanse away all the dirt & grime that piles up on the skin. 

3. In face pack

Like in the body scrub, you can add this oil to the face pack, reap its benefits, and get flawless, radiant & healthy skin. 

Enriching the goodness of pomegranate seed oil in our range of facial serum

Youth Restoration Serum

A reviving elixir for your skin that makes you look youthful with the goodness of its ingredients like pomegranate seed oil, hyaluronic acid, bakuchiol seed oil etc. It repairs & restores the skin by diminishing aging signs, boosting cell renewal, enhancing cell turnover, collagen & elastin and smoothens overall skin texture. 

Radiant Glow Serum 

This serum helps to wave off the dullness & reduces skin fatigue with the nourishment of pomegranate seed oil, kakadu plum extract, hyaluronic acid & vitamin A & C. Regular application of this serum will alleviate dullness, smoothes skin complexion, fades out spot, reduces hyperpigmentation & evens out the skin. 

Acne Clarifying Serum

It is formulated with the goodness of niacinamide, salicylic acid, pomegranate seed oil & thyme extracts to banish stubborn breakouts for clear skin. It treats the existing acne & stops future breakouts, fades scars, removes the buildup of dead skin cells, absorbs excess oil, unclogs & minimizes pores and tightens skin.

Exfoliating Serum

A rejuvenating skin potion formulated with ascorbic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, pomegranate seed oil & glycerin works to smoothen, soften & tone the complexion, fade fine lines & wrinkles, and correct skin discolouration & hyperpigmentation from natural aging & sun damage.

Bluelight Repair Serum

A skin savior from the sun rays & screen lights that offers deep care & repair. It has the power of retinol, bakuchiol seed oil, pomegranate seed oil & hyaluronic acid that restores skin moisture, protects skin from sun damage, fights signs of aging and improves skin tone & texture. 


How is pomegranate seed oil touted as best for the skin?

Pomegranate seed oil is powerful with polyphenols like anthocyanins, ellagic acid, and many other plant polyphenols. These ingredients are the reason why pomegranate extract is so effective. It aids in detoxifying the skin of free radicals while also repairing skin that gets damaged due to overexposure to environmental factors like UV radiation. The anthocyanins in pomegranate work similarly to how Vitamin C found in citrus fruit is beneficial for skin—it's not the pomegranate itself, as much as it is what comprises the pomegranate.

What are the reasons to use pomegranate seed oil in skincare products?

There are several reasons for including pomegranate seed oil in skincare:

• Rich in antioxidants & polyphenols
• Supports cell regeneration
• Regenerates & repairs the skin
• Has antimicrobial properties
• Effective anti-inflammatory agent
• Moisturize, nourish & softens the skin

Which skin type does pomegranate seed oil benefit the skin?

Although pomegranate seed oil benefits all skin types, it is especially beneficial for people with oily or congested skin.