Got Oily Skin? Know best skincare ingredients for oily skin

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Got Oily Skin? Know best skincare ingredients for oily skin

Taking care of your oily skin is a huge task. It is a real hassle that makes skin look shiny and greasy. Oily skin produces excess sebum that clogs the pores & leads to acne. 

Fortunately, there are skincare ingredients for oily skin that reduce excess sebum formation, minimize the risk of acne, and offer shine-free skin without any drastic measures. Skincare is a science, and knowing what exactly suits your skin is an art that adds to the right ingredients on your shelf. This way, you'll be able to build a constructive regimen that regulates oiliness and knock off breakouts. 

Don't think that oily skin is a curse. The skincare experts state that oil is innate to the skin's health as it averts water loss & strengthens your skin barrier. Ultimately, all that matters is bang a balance in your skin- not too oily nor too dry. 

What causes oily skin?

Multiple reasons could make your skin oily, and they tend to lie in two categories: health and environmental factors.

Sebaceous glands produce the oil, located all over the skin. They are likely to make more oil in the scalp, face & upper body. This oil, also known as sebum, has its own benefits. Lubrication of the skin, antibacterial properties, and wound healing are a few of them. An overproduction of sebum leads to shine, greasiness, acne pop up & skin irritation. 

Premenopausal women during ovulation, humid climate and chronic conditions striking hormone levels are the risk elements attached to oily skin. 

It can also be a result of a mixture of the following factors:

  • Genetics
  • Androgens
  • Growth Hormones
  • Stress
  • High-Glycemic Diets
  • Humidity

What ingredients are best for oily skin? 

Is your skin trapped with an oversupply of sebum? Here are good ingredients for oily skin that you can't miss to consider while building a healthy skincare routine.

  1. Retinol

This gold standard ingredient is a derivative of Vitamin A. It has expertise in accelerating cell turnover, sloughing dead skin cells, and rejuvenating skin with new cells. The ultimate result after using retinol in your oily skincare routine will be clean & clear pores & radiant skin.

Retinol effectively relinquishes clogged pores and dull skin. It makes the pores tighter so that they won't be able to make & emit excess oil. 

  1. Niacinamide

An oily skin savior - niacinamide is blessed with calming and anti-inflammatory properties. It has the propensity to counteract the repercussions of stress hormones on the skin. These hormones increase the production of oil on the skin. The sebaceous gland not only creates oil & sebum but also has hormonal receptors that make an indirect relationship between stress hormones & oil production.

It is among the active ingredients for oily skin that normalizes the gland and de-greases the skin in hot & humid weather. It functions multifaceted by lowering sebum excretion, being an excellent hydrator, robust skin barrier & offering antioxidant protection from environmental stressors.

Niacinamide is the one that should be on your radar for oily skin if you are more exposed to sunlight.  

  1. Salicylic Acid

This is one of those best ingredients for oily skin and the only beta hydroxy acid used in skincare products. It is considered a spotlight element with the competence to deeply cleanse the excess oil from the pores & minimize oil production. It helps to keep whiteheads & blackheads from appearing by keeping pores clean & unclogged. It creates an oxygen-rich environment that lowers the chances of acne formation.

The anti-inflammatory properties of this ingredient are helpful for people who have psoriasis. It is also known as a peeling agent that exfoliates dead skin cells & accelerates skin cell renewal. 

  1. Hyaluronic Acid 

An ingredient which is "box office gold" in the skincare and beauty space. It is one of the most recognizable ingredients for oily skin that has become a staple for the industry. It forms naturally in the skin & using topically, fortifies its natural benefits. It uplifts the moisture levels in your skin and benefits all skin types. Oily skin also needs hydration as they both are different. Without optimum hydration, your skin will produce even more oil. This ingredient correctly delivers a dose of moisture without adding greasiness. Enjoy refreshing & plumpy skin with hyaluronic acid.  

  1. Glycolic acid 

A chief ingredient that will reserve a particular space in your skincare routine. It serenely dives into the skin without causing harm to the pH balance of the skin. It performs a thorough job of cleansing without stripping the natural acid mantle. 

The exfoliating action of this acid dissolves the greasiness that clogs the pores. Sloughing off the dead cells and revealing a fresh, dewy glow is one of its benefits. The skincare experts say it is a godsend ingredient for oily skin as it removes dead skin cells, oil, and grime, ultimately reducing the chances of acne.

  1. Clay

It is a legendary ingredient that magically absorbs the excess oil, making it a five-star pick for oily skin types. The clay absorbs the dirt and impurities like a pro while leaving unmatchable radiance. It unclogs the congested pores, washes off the impurities & gives you smoother & softer skin. The detoxifying properties of clay hang on to a great fight with acne & remove bacteria that lead to acne popping up.

ingredients are best for oily skin

17 Simple Tips To Follow if you have oily skin:

  1. Wash your face with calm, gentle & pH-balanced face wash.
  2. Avoid washing your face with soap.
  3. Limit the consumption of alcohol as it increases the size of blood vessels & oil glands.
  4. Gentle exfoliation with chemical exfoliators help to ward off dead skin cells, excess oil & debris from the skin's surface.
  5. You can grab bloating papers or medicated pads. They absorb the excess oil from the skin.
  6. Be cautious while moisturizing your skin. Use non-comedogenic moisturizers to keep skin soft, supple & hydrated.
  7. Get green tea enriched face washes, toners or moisturizers as it has polyphenols that treat oily skin.
  8. Don't consume high glycemic foods & beverages as it induces sebum production, stimulates inflammation & raises blood sugar level.
  9. Incorporate vegetables, fruits, pulses, legumes, whole grain oats & cereals.
  10. Be physically active. Build your interest in yoga, meditation and exercise.
  11. Say no to oil-free & water or mineral-based makeup products as they clog the skin pores.
  12. Replace talc with setting powders that absorb excess sebum.
  13. No to miss- always remove makeup before bed with pH-balanced cleansers and pat dry with a clean cloth.
  14. Washing your face in frequent intervals will not do any good. It will backfire and cause dry, tight & parched skin.
  15. Don't use alcohol-based toners to avert oiliness from your skin.
  16. Sunscreen won't make you look greasy. Choose a lightweight formula.
  17. Take facial oils that have higher linoleic content like rosehip oil or evening primrose oil.

Know the ingredients that don’t go well with oily skin type

  1. Occlusives
  • Petroleum jelly, squalene, castor oil, argan oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax are the types of occlusives.
  • Feels too heavy and sticky on oily skin.
  1. Facial Oils
  • Highly comedogenic and clogs the pores.
  • Oils like coconut, hazelnut & camellia have high oleic content (fatty acids) that stick to the skin surface and block the pores.
  1. Alcohol-Based Products
  • Strips skin's natural moisturizer. 
  • Get rid of oil superficially.
  1. Harsh Physical Scrubs
  • Harsh granules of scrub damages the moisture barrier.
  • Over-exfoliation makes the skin more sensitive & imbalanced.
  1. Artificial Dyes
  • Formulated from petroleum & coal tar.
  • Worsen the acne condition.

What Nourish Mantra Offer to You?

We listened to your excess oil formation problem, and with thorough research, we came up with face masks, cleansers and facial serum. They have ingredients that tackle your oily skin. We bring the products for you that give special prep & pampering. Our products promise to avert clogged pores, the build-up (oil, dirt & grime) and shine that may lead to acne. 


How do you know whether your skin is oily or not? 

Ans People with oily skin feel stickiness around the mid-day & feels to blot the skin frequently to make it less oily.

What benefits do you achieve while using skin products specially formulated for oily skin?

Products labeled as "Suits Oily Skin Type" hydrate the skin without adding extra oil. The oily skin ingredients strike an equilibrium between oil & water in the skin. These products exfoliate the skin & improve the outer layer & replace the dead skin cells with healthy cells.