5‌ ‌Things‌ ‌You‌ ‌Must‌ ‌Do‌ ‌To‌ ‌Reduce‌ ‌The‌ ‌Effects‌ ‌Of‌ ‌PCOD.‌ ‌

Nourish Mantra

Are you suffering from acne, facial hair, or weight gain? Do you often see your hopes crushing even after taking several medications? You might have used numerous Natural Skin Care Products out there. The Best Natural Skin Cleanser may keep acne at bay but can’t treat it at the root. If so, you might be suffering from a hormonal disorder called PCOS or PCOD. This is the most common disorder among women above 18. Though most urban females are familiar with the term, a study by Futterweit shows 50–75% of women are not even aware if they are suffering from it. But at least 4%–20% of women in the world are struggling with PCOD, including me.

And believe me, there is no particular pill to treat PCOD. We can use Natural Skin Care Products and Natural Face Care Products to treat acne, but not PCOD. All we can do is make some effective lifestyle changes, and reduce its effects to a minimum. Controlling PCOD depends entirely on our willpower and the efforts we make to be free of pain. Almost every other disease needs us to alter our diet, but PCOD needs a lot more work than that. 

After being exhausted by unsolicited advice on gymming, dieting, and Natural Skin Care (from every second person), I found my way to fight PCOD after rigorous self-help experiments. For starters, a slim sauna belt, treadmill, and protein shake are not the answer. To get some interim relief from acne, you can try Natural Skin Care Products. But there are no shortcuts for fat loss. Liposuction leads to wrinkled and loose leftover skin. You can try some natural body oils with Coconut Oil being one ingredient. A body massage with coconut oil stimulates our blood flow, helps curb cravings, and may increase our metabolism. This may help in burning a bit of fat from prime regions of our body. 

Developed after years of experience in changing lifestyles and using Natural Skin Care Products, here is a guide containing everything you need to know about PCOD and how to minimize it.

Treating skin problems caused due to PCOD

  1. Acne: First, we need to understand that acne and pimples are two different concerns. Acne is a wider term. Pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads are symptoms of acne. PCOD causes increased secretion of a male hormone called testosterone. This hormone leads to excessive oil production in our skin, resulting in acne. Acne may get reduced by using Natural Skin Care Products to some extent. I would suggest using Face Oils and Face Cleansers with antioxidants and Facial Oil balancing properties.
  2. Skin discoloration: This is a condition where our skin turns dark, velvety, and discolored. You might have come across blackening of armpits or thighs. This is called Acanthosis nigricans, occurring usually in body folds. PCOD leads to fat gain and thus such skin conditions. You may try to reduce the discoloration by rubbing lemon over the affected area for 5 minutes every day. Alternatively, you can use Natural Skin Care Products. I would suggest using Face Care Products from an Ayurveda-inspired brand.
  3. Hanging skin: When PCOD leads to excessive hormonal imbalance, there is a lot of chaos with our tissues. This is a condition where a small piece of soft skin hangs down from the body. This is called a skin tag or acrochordon. Skin tags develop majorly in the folds of our skin, especially armpits. Surgery and Natural Skin Care Products won’t help because skin tags can grow back within a month. Fat loss is the only solution.
  4. Abnormal hair growth: When a woman faces male-pattern hair growth on her chest, face, or stomach, it is called Hirsutism. It results from excess secretion of male hormones called androgens in a woman’s body. You can try to uproot these rough facial hair by threading, waxing, or using Natural Skin Care and Face Care Products. Don’t use blades and razors unless you want a beard. Alternatively, electrolysis is the only solution (FDA approved) for permanent hair removal.

Hair problems

PCOD may be a disaster for some, as it hinders the growth of our hair. Hair thinning and hair fall are common. Some women may also experience dandruff. I tried some online natural hair care products and luxurious Natural Skin Care Products. It helped in treating dandruff, oily scalp, and hair fall, but not hair length and thickness. I still haven’t got those flawless thick and long hair. Conditioners and serums are extremely helpful to contain frizz. Experiment with some hair oils and cleansers by a Natural Skin Care brand. Use Aloe vera gel as a hair mask regularly at night to get a silky sheen.

Fat gain 

It takes longer for women with PCOD to lose fat, because hormonal changes mess with our glucose level, hindering the breakup of harmful fats into energy. Natural Skin Care Products, weight loss pills, and packaged weight-loss food can not help you lose fat. Within a month, you might gain weight at a faster pace if you stop gymming. Then what’s the solution? Sustainable fat loss is the only solution to maintain an ideal body weight.

Fat loss or maintaining a healthy body doesn’t always have to be a painful process. 

  • Fat loss
  • Bodybuilding
  • Figure maintenance
  • Disease-free life
  • Healthy body
  • Mindfulness
  • Flexibility

They all have different meanings and hence, unique processes. So, here is the sustainable plan to cut PCOD to its minimum.

  1. First dose: Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey and squeezed lemon juice. This tonic helps in burning fat and improving digestion. Wash your face with a Natural Face Care Product. You can rub lemon on your discolored skin while bathing.
  2. No stress, just 5-minute breaks: If you can’t exercise for 40-60 minutes, 5-minute breaks are your best friends. Whenever you are sitting or standing for long hours, take a 5-MINUTE GAP EVERY 2 HOURS to practice Fat Loss Yoga, starting with stretching. You may also do an aerobic dance to your favorite song. Your heart should beat faster, breaths should go deeper and your body must release some sweat. 8 breaks in a day = 40 minutes of workout. Don’t forget to wash your face with a Natural Face Care Product to avoid oily skin and pimples due to sweat.
  3. Walking: Reach the nearby stores on steps. If you are on a call, don’t just relax on the sofa. Stand up and walk. Try using a mobile app or a smartwatch to track your steps. Take a morning or evening walk in a park. You will feel refreshed and motivated. 30-minutes of continuous medium-paced walking is highly beneficial and spins significant results. Take a refreshing bath with a Natural Skin Care Product for intense freshness and a lively mood. 
  4. 3-hour meal plan: Note down the healthiest recipes from your preferred cuisine. Your food shall be tasty, otherwise, cravings! Your meal plan goes like this:
    1. Have 3 major meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    2. Prepare 2 minor meals- the snacks.
    3. Eat your meals with a gap of 3 hours
  5. Refrigerator: Fill your refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables to smoothen your cravings. Some raw veggies don't taste good, so you can make juice or shakes to enhance the taste, of course, without adding sugar. I suggest eating fruits and drinking veggies. The sweet taste of fruits compensates for the sour taste of vegetable juice.
  6. Eat junk: Yes, you can! If you force yourself into ‘junk-starvation’, that might break down one day. If you are not so fond of junk, that's a blessing. Otherwise, plan your junk meal. Have a cheat meal, but don’t make it a cheat day. 

You can control your PCOD to great extents with a combination of meal plans, cheat meals, an active routine, and Natural Skin Care Products. These are minimum restrictions and basic efforts. A natural lifestyle is a sustainable way to lose fat and Natural Skin Care is the only way to get relief from skin and hair problems. And this is the most effective way to reduce the effects of PCOD and reduce it to a minimum.