5 Reasons To Condition Your Hair

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5 Reasons To Condition Your Hair

Are you also skipping the conditioner in your hair care regime? Well, we wholeheartedly recommend you against it. If you're wondering why then keep reading!

Your hair is an apt representation of your health; thin, damaged, and rough hair is associated with poor health, whereas shiny, long with healthy bodies. These factors make it vital that you take care of your hair with utmost care and a good hair conditioner is a way to go!


What Is A Hair Conditioner?


The name hair conditioner speaks for itself, as it is a conditioning or moisturizing agent designed to keep your hair healthy and moisturized. This post-shampoo product ensures that your hair remains soft and shiny, therefore, easily manageable. 


A hair conditioner has many uses; however, the most important one is replenishing the lost moisture. Hair cleansing shampoos get rid of dust, oil, and other impurities from your hair while simultaneously stripping away the natural oils. This is where the hair conditioner steps in.


Hair conditioners are enriched with nourishing and protecting ingredients that help maintain your hair. Now that you know the basics of hair conditioner and hair conditioner use let's dive into all the reasons as to why you need one. 



5 Reasons To Include Hair Conditioner In Your Hair Care Routine


Hair conditioner benefits are numerous and wide-ranging. These benefits are a testimony to the importance of these hair care products. Have a look at these top reasons to know precisely why a hair conditioner is your hair's best friend. 


Be it for your skin, scalp, or hair, hydration is the key to good health. Despite knowing this, many of us fail to meet the hydration needs of our bodies, especially of our hair. So, as you need a moisturizer for your skin, you need a hair conditioner for your hair. 

A hair conditioner offers almost the same benefits for healthy hair. An effective moisturizer helps condition your hair, seal the cuticle, and give your hair more hair volume and fullness.


A hair cleansing shampoo is excellent for wiping away the dirt and grime, though it also strips away your skin's natural beauty with all the impurities. This loss of natural oils can make your hair look rough and dull. To prevent this, you need a hair conditioner to reload the lost moisture.

A hair conditioner will nourish your hair, giving it feather-like softness and a bright - shiny appearance. It also repairs damage caused by styling tools, hair products, and environmental irritants.


In today's harsh climate, all of your body parts need extra protection to remain healthy, including your hair. Also, when you apply chemicals on your skin or use styling tools like blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons, they tend to dry out your hair.

You need to use a natural hair conditioner to help your hair ward off environmental damage and give your hair the required protection. The best hair conditioners shield your skin against the sun's harmful rays and reduce color fading.

Therefore, conditioner usage is crucial, especially if you frequently experiment with hair color, hairstyles, excessive combing, etc. These hair care products will give you all the protection you have been looking for for your hair.


All the dust and harsh elements of the environment not only make your hair rough but can also tangle them into an impossible mess. In these situations, a conditioner is a godsend. It is great for detangling knots and frizz in your hair.

A hair conditioner covers strands of your hair in a moisturizing and protective coating, smoothening the hair. Conditioned hair is softer, smoother, and easier to manage. You can easily comb and style them without going through a painful combing or damaging the cuticle. 

This, as you might have noticed, is the most obvious benefit of a hair conditioner, and it is the most effective way to get tangle-free smooth hair. So, say goodbye to flyaway hair caused by dry weather and static electricity and hello to silky hair.


 Overall Health 

Aside from making your hair manageable, a hair conditioner also improves your hair's overall health. If your hair ends become worn out, dry, and brittle, it starts splitting, known as split ends. This split ends cause problems in hair growth and styling. Not only that, unhealthy hair breaks easily due to loss of moisture. 


Deeply conditioning your hair is a simple solution to all these issues and more. Hair conditioner benefits your hair by retaining the scalp and hair moisture, ensuring easy combing and tangle-free hair. 


Hair conditioner for dry hair or other types is highly effective as it strengthens the hair shaft to improve elasticity. When your hair is healthy, it enhances the overall natural luster and is easier to style.


If these reasons haven't convinced you yet, you need to order a natural hair conditioner and see the benefits for yourself. If you don't know where to begin, here is our favorite natural hair conditioner by Nourish Mantra.

How & When Do You Use A Hair Conditioner? 


People often have personalized frequency and methods of using a hair conditioner. You can also devise a hair care routine tailored for your hair after considering your hair and skin type. However, till then, use the following directions. 


Steps To Use A Hair Conditioner:


Step 1: Before anything else, you must select a natural hair conditioner that suits your hair type and needs. 


Step 2: Squeeze an adequate amount of natural hair conditioner on your palm.


Step 3: Apply it thoroughly on your wet hair, avoiding the roots and scalp. 


Step 4: Keep the conditioner for about 2-3 minutes, then rinse off smoothly and thoroughly. 


Step 5: Gently pat it dry with a soft towel, and you're good to go!

It is recommended to use the conditioner around 2-3 times a week after washing your hair with shampoo. 


Why Choose Nourish Mantra?


Nourish Mantra is a holistic beauty and wellness brand that focuses on natural beauty. We believe that outer beauty is a representation of inner beauty. This goes to say that when you feel good, you look good!


That's why at Nourish Mantra, our products are infused with the secret blend of nature and science, aiming to enhance your natural beauty. These products bring you the goodness of nature with the efficacy of scientifically-backed products.


Our Mantra is conscious living, which encourages the body, mind, and soul connection. Here, beauty is treated as a process tailored with utmost care and sensitivity without any hurry.


All products at Nourish Mantra are "clean," which means that they do not contain parabens, SLS/SLES, Phthalates, Formaldehydes, Mineral Oil, Oxybenzone, Talc, and Phenoxyethanol. These vegan and 100% cruelty-free are made with ethically sourced ingredients, adding yet another feather to their cap. 


To sum it up


A natural hair conditioner is an excellent product for your hair, as it leads a straightforward path to the hair of your dreams. Be it a hair conditioner for dry skin or a conditioner for men, its benefits are extensive and effective. 


Our last piece of advice would be to go for a natural hair conditioner that suits your hair and needs. When you choose your products consciously, it will be most beneficial for you.