3 Ways To Incorporate Turmeric For Glowing Skin

Nourish Mantra

A staple in the spice rack of Indian households, Turmeric is great for cooking and has a range of skincare and wellness benefits. This humble kitchen ingredient has gained popularity recently and is found in several organic skincare products and Ayurvedic skincare products. Touted as one of the best natural skincare ingredients, Turmeric gets its yellow-orange tinge and healing properties from curcumin, a potent active component with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.  


From brightening your complexion to fading scars and reducing signs of aging, Turmeric is a multi-tasker when it comes to skincare. Here are three ways you can reap the benefits of Turmeric for healthy, glowing, and younger-looking skin. 


Turmeric face mask 

If you’re someone who has oily skin and suffers from frequents skin breakouts and stress acne, then a Turmeric face mask can do wonders for you. From yogurt to chickpea flour and honey, there are many kitchen ingredients that you can use to make a Turmeric-based face mask at home.  


For people with dry skin, mix some organic Turmeric powder with milk or honey. Apply this mask all over your face and rinse when dry. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, the curcumin in Turmeric helps ease irritation and redness and delivers a dose of hydration and moisture.  


  • Mix Turmeric powder with yogurt or chickpea flour to whip up a face mask suitable for oily skin.  
  • While yogurt helps balance the skin’s pH, chickpea flour cleanses the skin of dirt and impurities.  
  • Apply this mix all over your face and rinse it off after 10-15 minutes.  


Turmeric essential oil 

If you don’t have access to organic Turmeric or think it is too much of a hassle, you can still benefit from this magical ingredient by incorporating its essential oil in your wellness, beauty products. 


You can mix Turmeric essential oil with a carrier oil such as coconut, olive, or jojoba and massage it onto your face before you hit the bed or use it for spot treatment of acne breakouts. To maximize the benefits of your facial care beauty products, you can also add a few drops to your moisturizer, night cream, or anti-aging cream


Turmeric milk/tea 

Apart from using it topically, another way to include Turmeric in your daily routine is to mix it with milk or add it to your tea. From relieving cold and cough to boosting immunity and easing inflammation, there’s no denying that consuming a glass of Turmeric milk has its benefits. 


Popularly known in the west as Turmeric latte or golden milk, this age-old Indian concoction can improve your skin from the inside out. Loaded with antioxidants and known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, Turmeric, when ingested, helps soothe the skin internally, neutralizes free radicals, and fights acne.  

Wondering how to whip up this seemingly magical and comforting hot beverage? Simply add a teaspoon of organic Turmeric powder to a glass of warm milk and stir in some sugar or honey if you want it to be sweet.  


While the benefits of Turmeric are endless, it is crucial to always do a patch test before you go all in and remember that it stains. Also, if you’re going to be indulging in DIY remedies, make sure the Turmeric you use is organic and free from harmful chemicals.