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Our Values

They say how you feel, shows on your face. When you’re happy, you glow, and when you are not, it shows. Just as there’s no quick hack to feeling better, we believe there are no shortcuts to looking great.

We believe in slow beauty.

We don’t sell quick fix-its. No band-aids to cover up what’s wrong inside. We won’t show you how to use concealer for dark circles, or sell you miracle creams for wrinkles. Because you deserve better.


We bring you real Ayurvedic solutions to treat what lies at the root of your skin and hair issues. Our natural skincare and haircare formulations contain none of the bad stuff – they’re paraben-free, SLS-free, and 100% vegan.

Ayurvedic process
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We give Nature time to work its magic.

Good things take love and care and lots of time to make. Just look at how nature create its bounties — from seed to sapling, buds to blossoms, and flower to fruit… we too take our time to find and source the best, most nourishing ingredients, and wait for the seasons to nurture them to goodness. We follow Ayurvedic processes such as steeping and blending as they are mentioned in the sacred texts, and some of our formulations take months to create.

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We believe in the wellness of mind, body, and soul.

Ayurvedic texts talk about three kinds of beauty:


External beauty. The suppleness of our skin, the bounce in our hair, the sheen of our nails, all of it contributes to the beauty of roopam.


Inner beauty. This refers to inherent traits such as a good nature, strength of character, and intelligence that makes us attractive people


Lasting beauty. When one achieves a perfect balance of roopam and gunam, one achieves vayastyag or beauty that is timeless and ageless.

Mantras we live by


Formulated using ancient Ayurvedic wisdom perfected for modern living.

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Pioneering Slow-Beauty. Focused on self-love and

holistic wellness.

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Clean promise.

No harmful chemicals.


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Ethically sourced vegan ingredients. Not tested on animals.

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Give back mantra.
Supporting causes we are passionate about.