Our Journey - Nourish Mantra

Our Journey

Our founder, Ritika Jayaswal, was like most millennials—ambitious and adventurous. Born to a business family in the small town of Nagpur in India, she studied management and started working in the family business. In 2014, she moved to New York to study fashion at Parsons School of Design. Almost immediately, she was swept up in the infectious energy of the Big Apple. But as she threw herself into the busy New York life, her body’s needs of proper nutrition, sleep and calm took a backseat.


Just as she started to realize that self-care needs to be prioritized, a trip back home to India threw new light on everything. One evening, as she sat down with her grandfather, or Baba as she calls him, the conversation turned to how she was playing catch-up with her health and skin issues, solving one problem only to have another crop up.


The brilliance of her grandfather, a successful entrepreneur himself, was to guide her by simply saying “The solution lies within.”


It was a moment of awakening for Ritika. She realized that most of us chase cures and try to find fixes when the real cause lies within, undiagnosed, untreated. That conversation sowed the seed of Nourish Mantra. A brand that focuses on self-care, on beauty built from within and on wellness of both body and mind. And the answers to the best natural skin care lay in her own Indian roots—in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.


Guided by her grandfather, she spent the next few months working with Ayurveda practitioners to understand the beauty and wellness principles mentioned in the scriptures and with chemists to translate them into unique scientific formulations. She traveled to source the finest of ingredients that are power food for healthy skin and hair, and set up ethical sourcing and minimal packaging practices to be socially and environmentally responsible.


And Nourish Mantra was born.