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It’s time to sooth your sensitive skin and protect it against any irritants!

A potent source of nourishment and nutrition for your skin, face serum helps you achieve the visible perks that you always craved for! The natural antioxidants of herbal skin serums help in protecting the skin from environmental damage. Maintaining the natural elasticity of the skin, the anti-acne serum effectively absorbs water and binds it to the skin which leads to smoother skin appearance. The anti-ageing serums also work as natural tan remover which lightens the complexion and reduces the pigmentation.

The unique blend of skin brightening natural oils and herbs, face serums for acne prone skin impeccably helps you fight dryness and turns your dry and dull skin into a healthy and nourished one. The powerful moisturizing ingredients in skin brightening serums effectively locks the moisture in your sin and leaves it smooth and soft. One of the many benefits of face serums is that it helps in reducing inflammation and skin irritation caused by dryness.

Ideal in alleviating the wrinkles and fine lines, the anti-ageing serums keep the vital hydration of the skin locked in. Forming a protective barrier on the skin, natural facial oil for dry skin easily penetrates the deeper layers to reload the skin’s hydration that helps the skin to stay smooth and plump. The nutrient-rich oil minimizes the loss of skin elasticity and eliminates the dryness and dullness of the skin. The restorative properties of the skin brightening natural oil helps to restore the natural complexion that is usually damaged due to exposure to environmental pollutants and sunlight. The skin imperfections caused by the deficiency of the natural antioxidants can be reduced by the use of facial oils.

Slather the skin brightening serum to not only defend your skin against premature aging signs but also to keep it smooth and beautiful. Considered as the best Anti-Ageing Serum, this serum for acne-prone skin by Nourish Mantra is just what you need to upgrade your skin care routine.


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