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Soothing formula that gently cleanses and adds nourishment to your skin!

Step up your skincare routine by using a cleansing face scrub which effectively frees skin of dead surface cells, excess oil, bacteria, make-up and pore-clogging debris that allows the skin to breathe. Our skin often comes in contact with environmental aggressors and cosmetics that are not water soluble, so just washing with water isn’t enough, you need a face cleanser to remove them. Soap-free cleansers remove sebum,dirt, oil and dead skin cells without irritating or damaging the skin. Regular face cleansing helps you maintain proper hydration of the skin and gives your skin the desired glow and supple effect.

Taming the unrelenting breakouts, sulphate-free cleansers effectively soothes the sensitive skin and protects the natural lipid layer of the skin. Your daily beauty regimen must include mild-foaming cleansers that absorb impurities of the skin making it an ideal skin agent that tones and rehydrates the skin. Ayurvedic face scrub is highly preferred to pamper the skin and give your skin the daily boost of clear freshness.

Natural face masks for deeper exfoliation works effectively in regenerating skin cells and in reducing fine lines. Ayurvedic facial cleansers include skin purifying ingredients that help in clarifying the skin, fighting acne and pimples, and in preventing them from coming back. The high-oxidant and moisturizing properties of soap-free cleansers helps in improving elasticity and facilitating longevity of skin cells.


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